New Toshiba Chromebook 2 hard shell cases

By Peter Chubb - Oct 1, 2014

Toshiba announced its new Chromebook 2 last month during IFA, and at that time we got a brief look at the hard shell snap on cases to match. The company has yet to reveal these on its website, although a few images were teased during the event.

We should not have that long to wait until the Toshiba Chromebook 2 cases become available, seeing as though the laptop should be ready for public release on October 5th, although we do wonder about that proposed date, as it is a Sunday, which is a strange day to release a new product. Surely the 3rd or 6th are more likely dates?

Toshiba Chromebook 2 cases

From what we know so far, these covers will be available in three colors, Aqua, Charcoal and Rose. Even though this will do away with the premium look of the textured silver finish, you can’t put a price on keeping your new Chromebook looking like new when you take it out and about. We know how easy it is to scratch the lid on a laptop, and so adding a cover will eliminate that risk.

Toshiba shows no sign of this cover on its website, although we suspect they will appear on websites like Amazon, as the retailer already has a selection of cases for the current Chrombook device.

Below is a video review of the new Toshiba Chromebook 2.

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  • Chris P

    Yes I have the same coupon for the case but it is not yet avail on Toshiba Direct…..

  • DmacL

    Already received my Toshiba Chromebook 2 from Amazon. Coupon in the box for savings on the cases if you buy through Toshiba.

    • Jameel Rahhal

      Can you please tell us how does that bay trail perfor? Lets say you have facebook, google+, google drive docs opened with a youtube playing in the background. Does the system start lagging? and if you scroll within a page under these conditions will it lag too? On the verge of buying one and need some guidance ( hope you have the 4gb version)

      • DMacL

        I do have the 4gb version. Performance seemed fine (streaming music while surfing/searching), but I haven’t tried to tax it yet. Will give it a go tonight.

        • Jameel Rahhal

          Yes please ! Try with like 5/6 tabs open and lets see how it goes. Would appreciate a reply? 🙂

        • Ziv Ben Aharon

          I have the Asus c300 with 4 gigs of ram, with FB, youtube, plenty of other tabs open (like 6-7 more) everything works fine. It does start lagging randomly but that’s only after I had an Ubuntu session open. If I restart it will be fine until I start Ubuntu again. Hope that helps!

        • Jameel Rahhal

          Sounds awesome ! So even with those open if you two finger scroll on Facebook or google+ Its still smooth ? No stutters at all? No frame drops when scrolling eh?

        • Ziv Ben Aharon

          Not so much, I did notice that if there are several videos in a row trying to auto play when you scroll it may stutter, but honestly that accounts for less than 1% of my usage.
          I bought this book knowing that it’s not a beast, and I think for what I paid, I’m willing to suffer a stutter or two once in a while

        • Jameel Rahhal

          Thanks a lot of my friend for the replies! Much appreciated. I was watching on Chromeunboxed on youtube where he compares a Haswell to Baytrail even with very few tabs open, scrolling is smoother on the Haswell (But he had Ubuntu running on Crouton ) – Guess Im going for the Toshiba CB2