LifeProof Fre Galaxy S5 case for adventureres

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is a reasonably tough phone, but there are some circumstances that you will not wish to take your phone with you. However, for all you adventurers out there, LifeProof has a case that will allow you to take your phone so you can capture all the action, or to just know you have a way to contact people.

LifeProof’s Fre Galaxy S5 case will allow you to enter the water, but not at any sort of depth, so perfect for surfers or any other watersports that means you will not go deeper than a meter.

LifeProof Fre Galaxy S5 case

The case is tough as well, as it can survive drops from up to 2 meters, although we warn you not to drop your handset on purpose just to give it a try. There is a built-in scratch protector for the touchscreen and the finger scanner will still work.

Even though you have the thinnest and lightest rugged Galaxy S5 case, you still have access to all of the ports and buttons, although you will need to remove the special seals to gain access.

Some cases like this can cause a glare from the camera, but an anti-reflective optical glass camera lens will mean this will not happen when you have your Galaxy S5 incased in the LifeProof Fre.

You have a choice of 4 colors, these are Magenta, Teal, Black and white, and will cost $79.99, which comes with free shipping direct from LifeProof.



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