LaCie Rugged hard drive cases

By Peter Chubb - Oct 1, 2014

The Lacie Rugged hard drive range is already pretty tough, and so gives the owner peace of mind if they were out and about and accidently dropped it. However, there are some of you out there who feels the tough hard drive does not have enough protection, and so needs a helping hand.

LaCie Rugged hard drive cases – The case in question is actually called a LaCie Rugged Sleeves and supports LaCie Rugged Triple, USB2, USB 3.0, USB 3.0 & FW 800, eSATA and the USB2 & FW 400/800. However, it is not compatible with the Rugged XL, Rugged Mini, or Rugged Thunderbolt Series.

Lacie Rugged hard drive case

These colorful cases will help to add more style to your Rugged hard drive from LaCie, which includes Black, Green-Gray, and Blue-Gray. They are easily changeable and protects against shocks, but not water, so be careful.

As for price, these sleeves will cost you $14.99, which isn’t bad considering the peace of mind you will be given knowing you are doing even more to protect your external hard drive.

On a final note, this LaCie Rugged hard drive accessory has been designed by Neil Poulton and can be purchased by calling LaCie on 971-246-8200.

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