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SingStar companion Mic app for Android, iPhone and iPod

The wait is almost over, as the refreshed digital version of SingStar is to be released on October 28th, and the SingStar companion Mic app for Android, iPhone and the iPod will also be released on the same day. It makes sense to release both at the same time, as it means you do not need to go out and purchase a Mic if you do not have the money, or believe it is better to use what you already have at your disposal.

If you would rather use a compatible mobile device to use as a Mic in SingStar, then it will be available to download from Google Play and the App Store later next month, which we will review once live. It will work with the PS3 and PS4 versions of the popular singing game.

SingStar companion Mic app for Android and iOS

The app is not just for using as a Mic, as you will also be able to create playlists direct from your SingStar library so that you can then play within the game itself.

You have to admire the perfect timing from Sony, as releasing the game and app on October 28th is right near the holiday season, and no doubt families will use this as a perfect excuse to play SingStar during Thanksgiving.

Do you think the revamped SingStar will prove a hit, or has it finally had its day – I guess we don’t have long to find out?



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