Popcorn Time iPad and iPhone source code live

By Peter Chubb - Sep 30, 2014

We’ve been wondering when Popcorn Time for iOS would become available, and we can tell you that the Popcorn Time source code for the iPad and iPhone is now live. We are in no way telling you that you should use such a service, although we felt the need to inform you that it is now available for these iOS devices.

It comes as no secret that you cannot get the Popcorn Time app on the App Store, and no information will appear on iTunes, therefore you will need to visit the streaming website in order to obtain the source code to download the app.

Popcorn Time iPad and iPhone source code live

However, there is a problem because if you wish to use Popcorn Time on an iPad or iPhone, you will need to jailbreak your device. With this being the case, that means Popcorn Time will not work with iOS 8 or the iPhone 6.

The app works very much like the desktop version, which means you click on a movie or TV show of your choice, and then click the desired stream. However, we have been hearing reports that less and less of these streams work, and as such has seen users choose the likes of Flixanity.is. This is still hit and miss, but it fills the void left by Cartoon HD.

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