PES 2015 PS4 Vs Xbox One resolution leaked

There has been rumors suggesting that there may be discrepancies with regards to the PES 2015 PS4 Vs Xbox One resolution, and now it seems to have been confirmed. A listing for the game on the official Japanese website suggests that PES 2015 on Xbox One is only 720p, compared to the PS4 version which will be 1080p native.

Back in July, we told you about the first signs which suggested that the PS4 version would be running at full capacity. However, at the time representatives at Konami were unable to confirm whether the Xbox One would be running at the same benchmark.

Now, it looks like we know the reason why. A chart was briefly listed on the Japanese website for the game, which you see a screenshot of below. We can tell you that this information has now been removed from the Japanese site, which suggests that Microsoft are not too happy for this sensitive information to go public ahead of the November launch.

One explanation for this, is that Microsoft themselves may be able to get the game running at 1080p if Konami cannot, similarly in the way in which Diablo 3 Ultimate Evil Edition eventually launched at 1080p after initially being locked at 900p.

Xbox One owners will be hoping that this is the case with PES 2015 as it’s not going to be good news, for both gamers and Microsoft if the PS4 version is superior.

For now though, it looks like the game has been completed with 720p on Xbox One. Will Microsoft be able to work something out? Give us your reaction to the news.



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