October PS Plus 2014 predictions for and against PS4

By Alan Ng - Sep 30, 2014

Sony know that the whole world is watching their movements with regards to the highly anticipated October PS Plus 2014 free games list on PS4. We are set to know which games are coming on Wednesday, but now we can bring you a top 5 games list that could be coming, as well as five games that many believe won’t be coming anytime soon.

As we told you earlier this week, the debate is ensuing on whether or not October is the month when Sony will decide to offer full retail games with PS Plus.

We already know that Driveclub PS Plus Edition is on the way, but it won’t be included on the list, so there will still be two PS4 games for gamers to enjoy next month.

We can now bring you two contrasting videos, which take a look at the most predicted games that are up for selection in October – but also a second video taking a look at the games which the uploader believes won’t be coming.

First on the list is Steamworld Dig, a mining platform game that could be classed as an indie game. Don’t be deterred by this tag though, as Steamworld Dig is a fantastic little title that has gone on to receive stunning reviews, including a 9.5/10 from IGN.


Next up are some candidates that we have seen predicted before, but ultimately have yet to surface on PS Plus. These include Flower, the pretty simulation sequel to Flow, fighting game Injustice: Gods Among Us, Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag and Octodad: Dadliest Catch.

We believe that Steamworld Dig would be an amazing choice to offer on PS Plus and would definitely be a worthy challenge to Fez and Towerwall Ascension, on best indie game offered on PS4 so far.

Assassin’s Creed 4 remains a long shot in our book though and is highly unlikely given that Driveclub is already coming. Octodad is once again named, but it’s interesting as we also see Octodad named in the second video of games that ‘won’t’ be coming with PS Plus.

We’re not sure why it’s on the list but The Last of Us Remastered is also featured as a game that won’t be coming. Isn’t it common sense that Sony would never offer a stellar PS4 game that has only just launched – for absolutely nothing, when Naughty Dog spent months advertising it?

We also see Killzone Shadow Fall and Knack included on the top 5 games that won’t be coming, but we are still hopeful that Knack will be coming as a surprise before the end of the year.

Take a look at both videos and let us know what you think of the five games predicted for PS Plus October and the five games mentioned that won’t be coming.

Do you think both lists are spot on, or do you have your own input on this? Share your personal wish lists below.

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  • Josh101

    “We believe that Steamworld Dig would be an amazing choice to offer on PS Plus and would definitely be a worthy challenge to Fez and Towerwall Ascension, on best indie game offered on PS4 so far.”
    Subjective opinion incoming. Velocity 2X has definitely un-seated Fez and T.A. from what I’ve seen all over the net and Twitter. That’s the indie game to beat, which to be honest with you, is EXTREMELY tough.
    I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. Knack is most-likely to be the first AAA game to be released as a PS+ game. Since it had launch-bundle priority in America and Japan on release day. They got guaranteed sales from those bundle’s alone. It will be their time to give it up for free. Outside of that, I could see Justice: G.A.U. being the one that’s offered if it’s not Knack.

    • Jizm

      I don’t see Knack getting thrown out there until Sony finishes launching in all territories they want. I can see Knack being a possible game in China and that means Sony can pull in more sales of the game there. That’s just my personal viewing.