Minecraft PE 0.10 update beta seed progress

- Sep 30, 2014

The latest Minecraft 0.10 update has just arrived in the form of news on the development progress, and not on the download to the beta group like some people were hoping today.

We’ve received a small update from Tommaso Checchi, Minecraft Pocket Edition developer, and he explains to the almost 140,000 followers on Twitter that pressuring him won’t make the Minecraft PE 0.10 update release any quicker.

His latest tweet can be seen below, which states “we’re working on 0.10 and today it was a good bug fixing day”. This reveals some good progress has been made, but of course the beta is taking a little longer than some people had hoped. The tweet also said, “the beta will come as soon as possible, pressure won’t help us”.


Are you happy waiting for the Minecraft PE 0.10 beta to seed, or are you getting frustrated with the release wait?

Bottom-line: the beta release is certainly coming, but they want to seed it to beta testers without a lot of bugs, especially considering those that they already know about.

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  • Georgia Hampton