Designed by M iPhone 6 case quartet

By Peter Chubb - Sep 30, 2014

We have been given a heads up about the new range of Designed by M iPhone 6 cases, and while this may excite fans of the case maker, we have to let you know right from the start that these are currently pre-order only, with shipping estimated to be 3-4 weeks. There are 4 new cases in all, which consists of the AL13 v3, ThreeD, BEZEL and SLIM. They come in a range of colors for the iPhone 6 and Plus models.

The L13 v3 iPhone 6 case is the premium model of the quartet of cases and is made from Aerospace Aluminum. While we are not given much in the way of details to go on, we can tell you that this is very slim in design, as to not add unnecessary bulk. The price of this case is $55.

Designed by M iPhone 6 cases

Meet the ThreeD case for the iPhone 6, which we are told has been inspired by Triangular Number Sequence. This case has been constructed using Uber Premium Polycarbonate Composite, although it does help to add a bit of extra strength. The ThreeD iPhone 6 case costs $19.99.

Next up we have the BEZEL iPhone 6 case and is made from a mix of Polycarbonate Composite and Uber Premium Thermoplastic Polyurethane. By blending the two materials you get a lightweight case with a tough construction. If you would like to pre-order this case, you will have to part with $19.99.

Finally, we have the SLIM case for the new iPhone, which is also made from the same material as the ThreeD protective case. While this may be the cheapest model in the range, it’s still sturdy and light. The cost of the SLIM case for the iPhone 6 is just $14.99.

You scan view this new collection by visiting the Designed by M website.

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  • Denny Dombkowski

    I got my AL13 v3. Unfortunately, it’s 100% unusable.

    Unlike the previous Designed by Many cases I’ve tried, this one, rather than leaving a recess for you to reach the volume, sleep/wake buttons, and silent/ring toggle switch, it has an overlay in the chassis that replaces the buttons. I’ve seen this several times in other bumpers, and this one works really well until you get to the silent/ring toggle switch.

    There’s no punches to pull here. The silent/ring toggle switch inset doesn’t work at all. You put the bumper switch over the actual switch when you install the bumper, trying carefully to match them up, only to find that the bumper switch feels loose to the touch. Try as you might, you won’t be able to turn the phone to silent and back. Only when I pressed down on the switch with the force of a thousand suns, was I able to reach the actual toggle switch on the iPhone and switch it to silent and back.. and then only sometimes. I’d like to see what’s going on, on the inside, but I have a feeling that either the slots meant to toggle the inner switch are too narrow, or the switch itself isn’t snug enough.


    DO NOT BUY ANYTHING from “Designed by M”…I had high hopes for this company and their AL13 v3 products, but once the product arrived for my iPhone 6+ it was defective. I immediately wrote the company and have received no response for 4 days. Previously, when I wrote the company to try and cancel my order due to shipping delays that extended over 3 months they were quick to reply. I have no faith in this company and their defective products and unethical business practice of not honoring their own return policy and warranty. Next step is reporting them to the Better Business Bureau and filing a complaint with AMEX to get a refund.