PS Plus update news will be October 1st

By Daniel Chubb - Sep 29, 2014

We are just two days away from the PlayStation Plus October 1st, 2014 update news PS4 and PS3 gamers have been waiting for, but will the free games meet their predictions? The answer will likely be no for the majority of subscribers, although it is hoped that the lineup delivers enough to make most of us happy and busy playing with another free PS Plus update game throughout October.

Now we have passed the regular last Wednesday of the month for UK news, it is clear Sony will deliver PS Plus update news on October 1st for next months free games. This prediction was made by a number of popular blogs and of course the gamers as well, although not all subscribers think it’s fair considering an adjustment was made to make sure the USA lineup came first.

Envisioning the PS Plus October 2014 update – now we’re two days away from October 1st, what are your last minute predictions for the Vita, PS4, and PS3 lineup? Some of you would likely have taken advantage of Sony’s multiplayer free access this past weekend, so this could be your first update as a subscriber, while others have been getting a little tired of the indie titles each month since PS4 launched.


Last week, we looked at some of the best PS4 and Vita PS Plus games for their October 1st update within a short list. These games included Black Flag on PS4 and Killzone on Vita, but is this what you really want or do you have other games in-mind?

As most of you are aware by now, the PS4 title DriveClub will be extra next month and not taking up a space within the lineup. We also listed some other popular PS4 games that a lot of these console owners would expect within this article.

We’ll update Product Reviews readers when the PS Plus update news arrives on October 1st, but for now leave your wish list below. Your ideal free games would be?

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  • antonieo12

    secret ponchos and knack

  • Mk333

    Either escape plan or flower on ps4. Those are my top 2 predictions. I have no clue for ps3 but i hope it will be games with no less than 5gb each.

  • Sean Harris

    it will only be some 8-bit games again.knack looks awefull and has some bad reviews but id download it and play it because its a proper ps4 game.i think assasins creed is too much of a long shot but ill keep hoping!

  • benjamin

    I wouldn’t mind AC black flag…just hoping for the best 🙂

  • King1415

    We all know it won’t be worse than the xbone 900p free games. We will have 3 free games on Ps4.

  • Fred

    news will be announce today or tomorrow because eu will know before wednesday