PES 2015 vs FIFA 15 in Juventus face comparison

PES 2015 is going to be a whole lot different than FIFA 15, as both games do not have the same approach when it comes to gameplay, mechanics or even graphics. It is that latter one that interests us today, as we have come across a video of a PES 2015 vs FIFA 15 face comparison of the Juventus team, with players such as Carlos Tevez, Arturo Vidal, and Paul Pogba highlighted

The face comparison video shows how very different PES 2015 and FIFA 15 are in terms of shading, contrast and overall detail, and it is hard to choose which of the two are the best, as they both have positives and negatives.

PES 2015 vs FIFA 15 face comparison

Looking closely it would seem that EA Sports has given the Juventus players a more intense look on their faces, whereas Konami has gone down the route of more detail with Pro Evolution Soccer 2015.

More gamers seem to prefer FIFA 15 overall, although many fans have taken to the comments of this YouTube video to point out that when it comes to the faces, PES 2015 has the edge, but would you agree?

One comment suggest that something is very wrong with FIFA’s head scanning technology, especially when you consider that PES does not use such technology, instead they are drawn by hand. Maybe EA Sports believe that fans much rather FIFA concentrate more on the stadiums and the pitch rather than going too much into detail with the face, as it’s not as if you are looking that close while playing?



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