Paris Motor Show 2014 tickets – prices and dates

Paris Motor Show 2014 dates are from October 4th to the 19th, although we know the press will get to see the new cars a day or two earlier. Don’t worry if you have yet to get your ticket, as there is still time to buy one for the public days, which we will now look at in more detail.

The Paris Motor Show tickets are still in hot demand, and so you don’t want to leave it too late. The price for an adult is €14 and for 1 Adult + 1 Young (10-25 years old) €22, and finally 1 Adult + 2 Young (10-25 years old) €30. These prices are inclusive of VAT. You can select your tickets here.

Paris Motor Show 2014 tickets

Do not worry if you are unable to make the event, as the Paris Motor Show 2014 press days will share all of the information from the show, along with various pictures of all the new cars, especially the awesome concept cars that we always look forward to.

For some reason the official website for the event is having a bit of trouble, and so finding the necessary information in the build-up to the Paris Motor Show could be a bit difficult for the moment.

However, to help you out Autocar has a Paris Motor Show 2014 preview article that looks at some of the best cars coming to the event. You can also find a list of the exhibits here.



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