myCharge iPhone 6 battery case desired

By Peter Chubb - Sep 29, 2014

Looking on the myCharge website there is no mention of an iPhone 6 battery case from them, but it would be silly to assume there would not be. We have already seen other battery case makers share their intention to bring a new model to support Apple’s latest smartphone, but are keeping people waiting for their release.

The myCharge iPhone 6 battery case is desired by several of our readers, who have shared a common interest to see myCharge release a case to support this new larger handset. There is not much need for a battery case to support the iPhone 6 Plus, seeing as that battery already has a decent amount of batter life, although not as much as some if its rivals.

myCharge iPhone 6 battery case

What to expect from the myCharge iPhone 6 battery case – We can get a pretty decent idea as to what to expect from the new model by looking at the current one, images of which you can see above and below.

The myCharge Freedom 2000 would be an ideal case for the new iPhone, and while its dimensions would have to change, along with its 2000mAh battery capacity, its overall design would remain pretty much the same.

We do find it strange that there is no mention of a new case to support the iPhone 6 even on myCharge’s Facebook page, which would be one of the first places they would announce it.

Do you think we will be waiting long for an announcement?

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