iPhone 6 Liquipel vs. LifeProof waterproof price

iPhone 6 owners already have a few choices available to them when it comes to making them waterproof, but the iPhone 6 LifeProof case seems to be the more popular option. However, the issue with that is we have yet to learn of its release date, as the website still says coming soon for the Fre and Nuud models.

There is another option, and that is Liquipel Your iPhone 6, so how do they compare in terms of price, although we cannot give you a specific price for the new LifeProof cases, but we can get a good idea going on the current versions.

iPhone 6 Liquipel vs. LifeProof

iPhone 6 Liquipel vs. LifeProof waterproof price – For those of you who hate the idea of adding extra bulk or hiding the design of the new iPhone 6, then you do have another option rather than a waterproof case, and that is with a protective liquid repellent coating. You cannot submerge your phone in water, but it will be protected from occasional splashes, or even accidental exposure to water and other liquids.

The price for the repellent is $60 for the iPhone 6 version, although you do have to send your handset off so it can have that protective coating applied.

As for the LifeProof iPhone 6 cases, we can tell you that the price for the iPhone 5S models are $79.99 and $89.99. It is hard to say if this will be the price you pay for the new iPhones seeing as though their screens are bigger, meaning the cases will have to be larger. However, we have a feeling the prices will be the same considering they are for the Galaxy S5, which also has a large display.



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