iOS 8.0.2 numerous problems after update

By Peter Chubb - Sep 29, 2014

On Wednesday it will be two weeks since iOS 8 was released, which brought with it a vast array of improvements to make your iPad and iPhone run a whole lot better. However, it cannot be a proper iOS update without Apple going through a few teething issues, such as the Health app not working, which is why they rushed out iOS 8.0.1, and we all know what a shambles that was.

Numerous iOS 8.0.2 problems after update – Apple assumed that after pulling iOS 8.0.1 and then replacing it with 8.0.2 a little while after, many of the issue should have been resolved, but that was not to be. It would seem that things are just as bad with the latest update, as users are reporting many problems.

iOS 8.0.2 numerous problems

One such problem is with Wi-Fi, as several iPad users say that Internet seems to be running really slow, although I noticed this personally when iOS 8 was first installed on the iPad Air on release day. However, things seem to resolve itself after a couple of days, which was a little strange.

There are also connectivity issues with the iPad Air and mini following the update to iOS 8.0.2, such as Bluetooth crashing often, as well as Safari, and it would also seem that there are still issues with sending messages (non-iMessage) with the cellular version of iPads.

It seems inevitable that each time you update to a new version of Apple mobile OS there is either a new issue, or a return of an old one, much to the annoyance of users. However, not all people are having issues, and things now seem to be working fine on my iPad Air and perfect on the iPhone 6, although I did run a clean install of iOS 8.0.2.

Are you still having issues with your iPad or iPhone following the iOS 8.0.2 update, and if so, then what issues have you been experiencing?

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  • Céline

    has anyone had issues with ipadair2 freezing on the iTunes logo and cable trying to upgrade and then went to factory restore on an ipad I no longer have. Help I can’t unfreeze it no matter what I try!

  • ledcam

    Apps not downloading on ios 8.1.2 – the wheel symbol just keeps turning. A poster elsewhere suggested changing the system language. Not successful.

  • Roscoe

    Locks iphone4s anytime, apps run slow or will not open

  • Craig

    Is Apple just going to let us with ipad 2 continue with this iOS 8 update? Nothing works like it did before. If Apple does not fix this, it will be goodbye Apple for me.

  • Tina

    I keep losing my internet connection, and Safari doesn’t work properly. When I do a Safari search, I have to refresh the screen before it will connect to any of the search options.

  • Lesley

    Much slower on iPad, Internet is so clunky and when playing games it stutters. Closes Down windows and all sorts of problems still.

  • Frank

    Iphone 4s touchscreen on the bottom doesn’t work. Typing is a big problem. I want IOS 7 back. Is that possible?

  • Rick Parmenter

    My ipad2 hates this IOS. I’ve never had a single issue with it and now everything is glitchy, slow and annoying as can be. Sure hope a fix is coming very soon. Can’t watch most of the videos/shows I’ve enjoyed each day for the last couple of years.

  • Thomas Parr

    When playing Clash of Clans via wifi my ipad2 terminates connection during War or any attack. The Internet is tragically slow n Safari has terminated itself several times. My Android LG G PAD runs smoothly n quickly. IOS 8.02 is a huge faux pas. When it was just IOS 8 ipad2 ran smoothly, the updates were for phone issues and in the process wiped out iPads One has too wonder if Apple even bothers to test the IOS before bringing it to market. If Apple does then the head of that department and most of its subordinates need to be fired and looking for new JOBS

  • MzDimplezz

    1. While pressing the home button to turn on the Ipad2 it does not immediately turn on. It takes several pushes of this button or the sleep/wake button to get to my password screen. Once there I must press the numbers three to four times before it registers. The same goes for picking an app or Safari. Before the update I had no problems.
    2. Once the app I have chosen pops up, there’s a one minute wait before the app can be used. It’s just frozen. Once it registers, I must continue to touch the screen until it registers its being touched.
    3. When Safari finally registers it will pull up a window I shut down hours before, closes Safari, goes to my home screen, Safari pops back up, takes a minute to register the app and my touch. Once I’m able to go onto the web, it moves very slow, pulls up the page, then says there was an error loading page, wait a few seconds then pull the page back up. This has also never happened.
    4. The app store is displaying I need updates from the home screen but once the app store app is finally open it says all apps are updated. This has never happened before.
    5. When charging, it does not register it is charging. At first, I thought maybe I should try a different outlet, still not registering a charge. Next I thought maybe I needed a new charger, still didn’t register. Now, I’m losing my mind. I decided to go back to my old charger and going back and forth taking the charging in and pulling it out. After the fourth time it registered. I even tried the new charger and it did the same thing. This has never happened before.
    6. All apps including mail are running slow or closes on it’s own. This has never happened before.
    7. Our Iphone5’s are having similar issues as well.
    8. It is not my Wifi, as we have reset the wifi, tested the wifi with other tablets of a different brand, our home pc, tv that is wifi capable as well as a laptop and playstation 3’s, theses are all working fine. My connection is perfect. Again, this has never happened before the update.
    Moral of the story Ios 8 needs a better update.

    • MzDimplezz

      I forgot the copy/paste is of no use anymore. It displays the last name I copied before the update. To be honest, there’s a lot more. These are just the ones off the top of my head as of now.

  • robk

    iOS 8 on iPad Air my other apps are stalled on upgrade so I can’t access many of my apps which refuse to upgrade. Did many resets and reboots but no can do. Anyone else experiencing trouble with app upgrades with newest iOS? Apple solution is to restore ipad to factory settings – no way!

    • Jp

      Same problem. Restored to factory settings x2, fixed problem for a few days then same problem. Very frustrating.

  • Aaron1960

    I have had to disable several features to get even comparable performance out of my iPad. The copy feature still takes multiple tries before the info sticks and content cannot be maintained between 2 online tabs causing constant page refreshes which means copy & paste from one page to the next is almost unusable if not forcing one to head to their PC if they have one.

    Anything that was convenient about the iPad was washed away with this latest ‘update’ & not seeing any response from Apple is troublesome with some people reporting on the Apple forums that Apple support is telling folks to just buy new hardware…at Apple prices? I’ll think about that & consider alternatives.

    It’s a shame. Love the iPad for travel and browsing…seems such a waste of money to chuck it. Hope Apple fixes this or that iPhone 6 I was considering may become another device.

  • billie

    I’m having constant crashing, constant freezing and SLOOOOOOW like crazy on my formerly perfect iPad2. The frustration to me is that you can’t revert back to the OS that was working! I can tell you this, if I end up having to get a new tablet it will be Samsung. I went to Samsung phone a couple of years ago and I guess their product is so good they never have to update their operating system.

  • Blue

    JUNK…iPad Mini will not update apps ever since installing iOS 8.0.2…

    * Glad I have my Galaxy Note3, S5, and Blackberry Z10… Never any issues with them and much more freedom!

    Apple releases an easy to bend 6 Plus to go with their ‘bent’ iOS upgrade! How appropriate…

  • Alison Orr

    I have an iPad Air. My biggest problem is with the keyboard covering the place on the screen where text needs to be entered, so I can’t actually see what I’m typing! It’s ok if it’s at the top of the screen but, if it’s lower, the page no longer automatically shifts itself upwards so you can view what you’re typing. It’s infuriating!

    • Dan Gee

      That happens with some 3rd party chargers. Try charging it in your car or from a laptop on battery power and see if the fault is the same.

      • Alison Orr

        I don’t understand. How can the source of power change the way the software works?

        • Dan Gee

          It’s actually a noise issue on the power supply, it happened on my first iPhone 4, 5 and iPad 2. The screen uses a capacitive touch interface, place noise on the power and you get an error in the interpretation of the sensor.

          Just try charging the device from a laptop on battery power and see for yourself.

        • Alison Orr

          I’ll give it a try, thanks Dan. I assume I need to let the iPad run down first?

        • Alison Orr

          I seem to have sorted it by turning off Split Keyboard in Settings. If I have any more issues, I’ll try your advice, Dan

  • Charles Alver Rogers

    Installed 8.00 and then 8.02 on my IPhone 5C. Now the iAccounts App password protect keyboard doesn’t show up and I can’t access the data in the App. Also, the thumbprint does not access the iPhone when the iPhone in plugged into the wall charger. And, today during a received phone call conversation I hear a string of annoying beeps and when the conversation ended the phone locked-up fore one minutes before access. The screen scroll seems to be very jumpy, especially when in the charge mode.

  • Donaldcooper

    My ipad2 is now junk with the ios8. This is a total joke, the screen froze just typing this note. I cant believe this poor quality of software release. Do not upgrade to ios8 if you have an ipad2

    • Aaron1960

      My iPad locks up like all get out. There’s a constant stuttering when playing videos and when browsing the pages jump all about and having 2 or more online tabs is worthless. Having to refresh the pages when browsing between each. What the Hell happened Apple?

  • Dkdoyle

    Ipad 2 freezing up. Not scrolling or not displaying screen. Generally annoying

  • Brad

    Updated IPAD to new IOS 8.02 and everything keeps freezing. Emails freeze when typing, app freezes when opened, and even this letter froze halfway through it. That’s only some of the issues. What crap this is. Thought my IPAD was perhaps in need of replacement until I seen all of you have issues as well.

    • Aaron1960

      At the Apple forums, there’s helpful suggestions to get timely function out of you device by disabling all ‘the cool updates’ which helps but there are still issues. I have the iPad 2 as well. Thing worked fine before. What the hell happened?

  • Wayne Rooney

    iPad Air updated, now my cellular network doesn’t work at all!!! Even restoration doesn’t go through the activation phase with SIM Card installed. I had to remove SIM Card, and only then activation went through. After restoration, My Cellular network still doesn’t work.

  • Robert McRae

    Went to the new update and many of the icons are unresponsive including app store, itune store, safari is very slow, weather channel doesn’t finish loading, Netflix said try again later, and others that load do so very slowly. Tried to go to Apple support but it would not finish loading will go try my PC.

  • Cj

    Updated to 8.02. 1/3 of the icons are blank.

  • Dedge

    Wow, I thought that maybe my iPad was reaching the end of its shelf life. What a disappointment! The screen becomes frozen and unresponsive and it crashes with no preamble. What happened!

  • Tony

    Warning !!! Don’t update to 8.02 many glitches and problems, apps keep cashing, on Google home page need to scroll screen all the time to see what’s being typed. Pathetic upgrade very dissapointed cannot downgrade, Apple losing its mojo : (

  • tj

    Since IOS 8.02 , like the comment below, all my apps have come to a crawl. Safari does not refresh pages, in general my IPad now is annoying to use.

  • Tammy Lewis

    Ios 8.02 on my iPad 2 wifi at cellular is not good cellular keeps dropping and it takes forever to boot up

  • Mike12229

    Since iOS 8.02 my IPad 2 is a different animal. Very slow operating any app. It seems that the computer has lost it’s speed to process or has too much to process. Many apps have not completely downloaded after the install. Safari has trouble finding many web sites. Who’s the Genius that wrote this update? I miss my IPad but won’t buy another.

  • janet

    my iphone 5s with OS 8.0.2 cant update apps, cant download apps, lost itunes app icon…phone crashes all the time…i am so sick of this s..t….

  • EPinSAF

    Installed 8.0.2 on my iPad Air on Saturday, and very sorry I did. Apps will not update or install (which is a problem since 8.0.2. launch has resulted in need for critical app updates to fix newly created iOS problems. Evernote became totally unusable; other apps frequently crash or act erratically. Apple support has been of no help.

  • Now my Ipad 2 is a pain to even just use. I am now using my laptop with Windows 8 in it until this gets fixed. (pretty bad huh?)

  • The Amazing Iceman

    Slow internet may be caused by your DNS Server not updating fast enough. Or it could be due to the Content Filter in Safari. Try turning it off. I have an iPad Air WiFi+LTE and don’t have this issue.

  • chllam

    Same here.. I’m still having the WiFi/LTE drop issue! so frustrated! I don’t understand how difficult this can be to get Apple fix the simple WiFi connection issue??

  • frustrated:(

    Slow internet, freezes and crashes frequently. My iPad is useless now!!

  • JP

    iPad Air still having numerous issues since the “so called” 8.0.2 fix. Still trying to figure out what it fixed?? So frustrating since it was working great before updating. Problems with e-mail, apps freezing, glitchy, & slow.

  • Judi

    iPad 2 slugging along. Constant aggravation with apps suddenly closing. Wifi working but not like before.

  • Pgirl

    iPad Internet connection way slow, keyboard I can type a entire paragraph it remembers it but takes 20 minutes for it to type out.. I hate everything about the update. I type wrong because of the extra added keys and things being rearranged. I’ve taken off the spell check but it’s back up evertime I turn my iPad on. How I have to push like three things just to close my browser… why? This took seconds to write 5 minutes to type out

  • Reighnie

    Internet extremely slow on iPod touch. Apps freezing and crashing. Did I mention slow internet? Oh yeah, and glitchy Internet. Constant messages saying no internet connection. And I know it’s not my internet because other wireless, non Apple devices work fine.

  • Holly

    text messages between 8.02 and 8.01 and 8.02 are not going through correctly. Some are getting stuck in the send mode. Some are going to email but not to cell phone. what is best forum for tracking and understanding the status of this issues?

  • Ellen W.

    Yes, my iPad mini is very glitchy and slow, it has taken me back to the apple logo many times. Pages take FOREVER to load. My 5S phone is great after the update but I now realize how much more I use my iPad but it’s almost useless. Makes me wanna scream (and cry)!

  • Dr. Quack

    I tried to roll back to iOS 7 but couldn’t. Now my iPad is so annoying I want to walk in to an Apple Store and play slap a genius with it….

  • Dave

    I wish I never updated.. iPad wifi is slower. Touch screen sticks. Videos crashing. Some articles I want to read don’t open or take forever. It works fine at times but I can definitely tell the difference from before. It was so much better.

  • Bill

    I installed ios 8.02 to my ipad mini with retina. Wifi connection went from 26MPS to .85 MPS what gives? How do I roll back to ios 8 which was working fine?