Instagram down in China due to HK’s Occupy Central

The situation in Hong Kong regarding ‘Occupy Central’ is escalating and doesn’t appear to be showing any signs of ending. Protesters have amassed in the financial sector of central Hong Kong for a second day and now we can see China expressing their views on the matter by officially blocking Instagram in China, effectively crippling social media reports in the country regarding the neighbouring island.

This comes after China also decided to block the term ‘Occupy Central’ on Weibo, the country’s answer to Twitter. It now means that the likes of Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook are all blocked in the country as China looks to gain complete control over social media among the younger generation.

Just because Instagram is down in China though, it doesn’t mean that the reports are not coming in thick and fast. Local news outlet Apple Daily continues to churn out live action from the events still ongoing in Hong Kong and there is an a Occupy Central live stream that is currently airing on YouTube with thousands of viewers tuning in.

How long will the stalemate between the Occupy Central protesters and the Hong Kong police force continue? There has already been outrage after tear gas and pepper spray were used on unarmed students, so it remains a tense situation with China no doubt taking a close look at affairs.

So far, Instagram has yet to issue a statement on the matter but perhaps it should come as a surprise given that Instagram is now owned by Facebook and Facebook is blocked in China anyway.

Give us your reaction to the events happening in Hong Kong. What is your opinion on China blocking Instagram to prevent users talking about the protests?



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