GTA V 1.17 update release time hopes for September 30

By Alan Ng - Sep 29, 2014

Earlier on we spoke about the potential excitement for a GTA Online Heists release after some images emerged appearing to show a Rockstar developer playing the content early.

Now though, we look ahead to the GTA V 1.17 release time as there is big expectation for Rockstar to deliver the update in the coming hours on Tuesday September 30.

We believe that an update could happen, as don’t forget that it has been over one month since we had GTA V 1.16, which launched on August 19 with the Flight School update.

Also bear in mind that we are still waiting for the GTA V Hydra yet to come after it didn’t come with the initial Flight School update, but was already spotted inside GTA V source code.

Is the GTA V 1.17 update going to be a completely different theme, or will Rockstar release the items that didn’t make it in the previous update, as by way of a Flight School update ‘part 2’?

Either way, another update will be much welcomed by the community. We are hoping to see some surprises that haven’t been leaked yet. If Heists are still not ready, Rockstar should at least open the doors to the GTA V Casino to keep everyone happy and offer a new method to make money.

There’s also the little matter of the mystery lottery feature that hasn’t arrived yet either, so Rockstar has plenty of content that they are still planning for PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game.

On a scale of 1-10, how hopeful are you that we’ll see GTA V 1.17 launched tomorrow? Put it this way, will you be unhappy if we don’t see a new GTA V update?

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  • Ghost240

    I really don’t understand why it always has to be a surprise, Rockstar should just post something on their website telling us when to expect the next update instead of always making us guess all the time.

  • Joseph Williams

    any one when this new update is coming out today disapointed

  • Gta5 gamer

    All hopes are gone,still no update..really disapointing :(.

  • ndlz84 .

    ‘MPLTS’… Like MPPILOT, which was the ‘Flight School Update’, MPLTS DLC will be related to the ‘Last Team Standing’ deathmatch. It will be something to do with working in teams(Heists?). With weapons including something like the BZ Gas or some type of new grenade and a new assault rifle. Ski masks, balaclavas, new boiler suits with company logos possibly a gas mask. A fast getaway vehicle, possibly a motorcycle, and some type of van. If it is a heists update, it will probably be disappointing because of the hype and controversy. And they WILL NOT pay out any more than the current jobs in terms of $$$ earned per minute. Whatever it is, it will come out tomorrow.. Unless R* has completely deserted the PS3/Xbox360 community.