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Fake WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger conversation app

We know that social media is a platform to keep in touch with friends, and while a small percentage of people use the likes of Facebook in a negative way, it’s the perfect place to have some fun. People often share videos, jokes or even tease their friends in many ways, but there is an app that can take things to the next level.

Yazzy is an app that allows you to have fake WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger conversations, allowing you to take the fun to a whole new level, as you can start your own conversation and take it from there.

Fake WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger app

With Yazzy you can create a topic of conversation and then add your own replies from fake friends. The advantage of this is to show that you have more friends than you actually have, but more so because of the fun you can have with your real ones.

The app supports many social services, such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Status, Hangout, and Tweets. A full list can be found on Google Play, as this is an Android app.

The only issue is that there are adds within the app seeing as tough this is free to download, although an in-app purchase will allow you to remove the adds.



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