EA’s Madden 15, Sims 4, FIFA 15 not working says Lizard Squad

- Sep 29, 2014

We started to think Lizard Squad wasn’t going to live up to their hint made on Friday, which basically said gamers wouldn’t be happy this weekend. Now, it seems they delivered by taking EA servers down today along with games like FIFA 15, Madden 15, and The Sims 4. The biggest launch this weekend was FIFA 15, the web app, and FUT online services are not working within the last hour.

Within the last hour we noticed a tweet from Lizard Squad saying, “EA #offline”. This has been followed up with a lot of tweets from gamers talking about the games they wanted to play on Sunday night, and of course top of the list were FUT online and Madden 15 thanks to EA servers being taken today on September 29th like they hinted.

 FIFA 15 not working says Lizard Squad

Two hours ago there was another couple of tweets by Lizard Squad that stated, “Looks like our prediction was correct” and “CoD Ghosts & Destiny #offline”. This was before EA servers were taken down and thanks to the group stopping other gaming services from working. This includes PSN running into problems, Xbox Live, and of course Destiny servers going down.

We believe all of downtime related to EA games, PS4, Xbox One, and last generation consoles has been caused by Lizard Squad after they made a prediction on Friday that gamers won’t be happy.

What game did Lizard Squad stop you playing online within the last 12 hours?

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  • Joethepro

    Why do they do this?

    • ced

      No life…or girlfriends

    • TerroristSquad

      It is called commercial sabotage and has been around since the mankind. Only difference here is that it is more like vandalism rather than something to gain commercial advantage. Here the reasons are probably political and therefore I would deem these guys terrorists and they should be treated as such. It is just another way to attack the West. They are plenty in the West who would do harm to it. It is like jihad for cowards. But it is actually far more damaging financially than any bomb could ever be. It will get worse until the Republicans are back in the White House. Then you not see any more attacks. Until then, just steer clear of large online games – the falling revenue alonbe may be that dramatic it may even cause the Democrats to actually do something for National Security…not likely though.

      • Lizard Squad

        el oh el

      • css

        SHUT UP with your political BS. Go get yourself a life.