Blackout Housing supports GoPro HERO 4

GoPro has finally announced the release of the HERO 4 action camera, although there are the Black and Silver models, as well as the new entry level model. If you already have a case for one of the older models, then this will do fine. However, if you do not, then why not consider going for the all-new Blackout Housing, which supports the GoPro HERO4.

Some people hate the idea of a clear case because it can show scratches more easily, as well as it not looking as premium. However, the Blackout Housing is black in color to help keep the sleek looks of the camera, although not as sleek looking as the Contour ROAM3. If you were in a situation where you do not wish to bring attention to yourself, then this black model is ideal, as it will not draw attention.

GoPro HERO4 specs

Not only does the black finish help to conceal the camera, but so do the concealment stickers on the LCD to stop light from being reflected. The case is also waterproof to 131 feet, and so ideal for waterspouts, as well as divers not going below that depth.

What’s included – Blackout Housing, Standard, Skeleton and Touch Backdoor, Quick Release Buckle, Thumb Screw, and LCD Concealment Stickers.

The price for this housing is $49.99 and is listed on the GoPro website as coming soon.



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