AOL confirm mail down and not working

- Sep 29, 2014

Today, AOL confirmed its mail service is down and not working in a short tweet. The problems have been reported for around 3 hours from users, which state various error messages when trying to send or receive email.

About one hour ago this is what AOL had to say, “We are hoping to have email up shortly”. After reaching out to AOL and looking at feedback from users, it’s clear that there’s still problems with AOL Mail right now and no time has been given for a fix.


One Product Reviews reader had this to say, “AOL mail has been down for me all morning, even after trying to open my emails in every way possible it seems nothing is working. My cell phone opens the AOL app and there’s no content in the emails”. Another added, “I keep getting an error saying there was a problem sending this message and I should try again later, but I’ve been doing this for 2 hours”.


Have you been having trouble with AOL Mail and if so, is the service totally down for you today or receiving other errors? One of the PR team tried their personal AOL email in New York and they received an error loading message, so if you have issues please let us know your rough location as well.

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  • Greg Gebhardt

    Been using AOL for 20+ years back to Compuserve. Now they suck! No mail all day and now all my folders are gone! Can’t even look at old email! You got to wonder what is happening to my credit card they are charging me with every month!

    I am getting close to the end and looking to move to another service. Any suggestions out there.

  • dragonfire77

    Oh…AOL…I didn’t see you there…you may go now…

  • Margaret Sherman

    no content when accessing mail from the mobile site. can’t open the emails on my PC. VERY VERY frustrating

  • Cheryl J

    LOTS of trouble in Albuquerque. Mail isn’t working well.