PSN down again with PS4 NW-31201-7 error

It looks like Sony are continuing to have problems with the PSN servers down once again today. After some downtime yesterday, it looks like within the hour PS4 and PS3 owners have also had problems trying to login to PSN with many receiving the PS4 error code NW-31201-7.

Fortunately, it looks like it doesn’t appear to be a severe outage and we are already seeing some reports of normal operation resuming. Others cannot still log in though and you can imagine how frustrating it is when only having a few hours to play Destiny online, but cannot with the Destiny servers down as a result.

As far as we’re aware, most of the PSN login problems appear to be occurring in the US and it could be another attempt to hack Sony and/or Destiny’s servers by the same individuals in which we’ve seen in the past.

If you are still having problems logging in, it’s a good idea to keep checking both the AskPlayStation and official PlayStation twitter pages for updates.

Let us know your status at the moment in your area. Did you receive this same PS4 NW-31201-7 error code within the last few hours, as we did or have you encountered something else?



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