Messi vs. Ronaldo in FIFA 15 UT player review

By Peter Chubb - Sep 28, 2014

When we watch some of the FIFA 15 UT player review videos on YouTube we have to forget about the teams they play for, such as Lionel Messi for FC Barcelona and Cristiano Ronaldo for Real Madrid. You would think that some gamers would wish to have both these players in their Ultimate Team, but that could get too expensive, as well as being too much having two great finishers in the same squad.

We have come across two insightful videos from YouTube user ‪ITANI. The first video runs for 3:44 and is a review of Messi’s in-game stats and player review in Ultimate Team, who we already know is already the highest rated player in the game.

Messi vs. Ronaldo in FIFA 15 UT player review

He has a 93 overall, and so good to see just how well he plays in an FIFA 15 UT starting lineup. Last year Messi was still rated high, but was worse than Ronaldo, but the review says that Messi for this year feels special, and makes up for his poor performances of previous version of FIFA. Watch the first video and let us know if you agree.

The second special player video review is all about Ronaldo, who happens to be one of the most expensive players. Like always, it seems like he will have another amazing season, but we know how things can change.

The review points out how shooting in FIFA 15 is broken, but Ronaldo still has a knack with those long shots, although it is said to be easy with most high-rated players. This video runs for 3:22, so watch it below and see if you agree with the player review and in-game stats.

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  • a person

    Ronaldo is way better than messi but because messi could go to Chelsea messi could be worth more and that could affect the prices off fifa 16 UT

    • Miguel

      Do you have some form of autism, I think you have never actually watched a game of football. Saying messi will go to Chelsea this year is like saying Michael Jordan was an amazing basketball player. How in Gods name would Messi move to Chelsea with a new formed contract. And how do you possibly think that would affect his price. He will go from shaving links withy Rkbaldo Bale Neymar. To Rooney. Wow you have some form of mental retardation