GTA V 1.17 Heists excitement after images

By Alan Ng - Sep 28, 2014

Many GTA Online players are expecting the GTA V 1.17 update to come on Tuesday September 30, but as usual Rockstar are keeping completely silent. As most of you know, it has been over one month since GTA V 1.16 landed and gamers are hoping that the next GTA V update will finally be the moment when the GTA V Heists release lands.

At the same time, players should also know too well that it isn’t wise to get hopes up. For some reason, Rockstar still hasn’t managed to release the content which was expected over one year ago and with the next-gen release coming up on November 18, players could actually see a simultaneous release.

That hasn’t stopped the rumors from coming out on a daily basis though and this week one image in particular has generated great interest, although unfortunately it could turn out to be another fake just destined to dupe users into thinking that Heists is coming.

We can show you this image though below, which has been brought to our attention from community member DomisLive, who talks about the image’s authenticity in the video clip below.

It apparently shows Rockstar stats for a developer, who according to this image is already playing GTA V Heists. You’ll see that the stat in particular shows that the developer has managed to amass $100 million whilst playing the new mode.

For all other players though, this stat simply lists as ‘other’, suggesting that this image has been photoshopped and also the Rockstar account in question is nowhere to be found when doing a manual search for it.

Is GTA V Heists already being tested right now for the GTA V 1.17 release date on Tuesday or is it yet more cause for frustration with no real proof that Heists is definitely on the way soon?

Give us your thoughts on the image and whether you think that it could be coming next week, or if you still think it’s coming with next-gen PS4 and Xbox One copies.

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  • ipoddude4ever

    Anything yet??

  • Gta fan

    The image is fake if you login you’re social club account you will see where it says heists in green it’s actually other on your social club account.

  • andrew macdonald

    I have faith the heists will come. I know things have been the same for a while with no major changes recently, but I am confident this will happen. But come on, be realistic, $100 mill? Maybe 1 if we’re lucky..

    • andrew macdonald

      Plus where is the $ to say it’s money?? All the other stats do…

  • Conor Hansen

    If they don’t release it until the 18th, Far Cry 4 comes out on the 24th with a “bigger and better” multiplayer map editor, and I’m never going to touch GTA V (or any other R* game that comes without a “All features shown in trailer available upon release” disclaimer) again. So I hope it comes out tomorrow.

    • Jar Kha

      People are still creating content for FC3. Console owners don’t get a lot of content creators so it doesn’t really make much sense to drop 1 game over another based on that criterion.

  • philip navarro

    Heists will work on ps4. Rockstar will use this as incentive for people to purchase the game a second time.

  • ndlz84 .

    Do people think that IF heists do come out, they are going to pay out any more than the current contact missions?? NO CHANCE.

    • I think it will. But they’ll be split between the players and probably a handler fee will take the other amount. A $5000 heist isn’t worth it.

      But they may also have tiered heists that payout the higher your level. Like lvl 5 heists could be $10000, and lvl 60 could be $10mil like that na’mean?

    • Jar Kha

      Difficulty factors in. Most likely they will be timed or hit-or-miss objectives where there are no mollycoddling (for example no making a mistake with a code-cracking task).

  • TheMostKnowldgeablePersonEver

    No way this is real, there is no way rock star would make it possible to earn 100 million dollars in heists, I hate to say ot , but they are kind of greedy and I think they really want you to buy there money packs. Think about it, there isn’t really that many good ways to earn money, they ate Lind of strong arming people into buying !oney packs.

    • sh1th0le

      Space shuttle

      • Kevin Gouranski

        Heists will probably be 4-8 player and include multiple setup missions internally and then the actual job that will involve teamwork and compitance , and judging from how many jokers botch missions like Rooftop,coveted,Titan (all of which i do solo when i want fast money)its not gonna be easy or all that profitable, chances are it will be 45 minutes minimum gameplay time +loading time and if the team actually pulls it of the profit will be $100,000, the same amount you make by mashing contact missions for an hour…. Hopefully casualties don’t get a cut because that’s the biggest downer on missions…. I’ve lost count how many times I’ve done quarry quarry solo because my partners got killed immediately, sure I made 23k but so did they for making a sammich and playing flappy bird on their iPhone while I went through the repetitive bull crap

    • Mike

      Not letting you earn 100M from a couple hours work isn’t greedy; say what you want but this isn’t about shark cards either. It’s about giving you a reason to keep playing the game and working towards something. Yeah, GTAIV gave you everything right away, but that’s not the direction Rockstar took with this game, period.

      If they have you enough money to buy everything in the game from one activity, what’s the point of having the money system in the first place?