GTA V 1.17 Heists excitement after images

Many GTA Online players are expecting the GTA V 1.17 update to come on Tuesday September 30, but as usual Rockstar are keeping completely silent. As most of you know, it has been over one month since GTA V 1.16 landed and gamers are hoping that the next GTA V update will finally be the moment when the GTA V Heists release lands.

At the same time, players should also know too well that it isn’t wise to get hopes up. For some reason, Rockstar still hasn’t managed to release the content which was expected over one year ago and with the next-gen release coming up on November 18, players could actually see a simultaneous release.

That hasn’t stopped the rumors from coming out on a daily basis though and this week one image in particular has generated great interest, although unfortunately it could turn out to be another fake just destined to dupe users into thinking that Heists is coming.

We can show you this image though below, which has been brought to our attention from community member DomisLive, who talks about the image’s authenticity in the video clip below.

It apparently shows Rockstar stats for a developer, who according to this image is already playing GTA V Heists. You’ll see that the stat in particular shows that the developer has managed to amass $100 million whilst playing the new mode.

For all other players though, this stat simply lists as ‘other’, suggesting that this image has been photoshopped and also the Rockstar account in question is nowhere to be found when doing a manual search for it.

Is GTA V Heists already being tested right now for the GTA V 1.17 release date on Tuesday or is it yet more cause for frustration with no real proof that Heists is definitely on the way soon?

Give us your thoughts on the image and whether you think that it could be coming next week, or if you still think it’s coming with next-gen PS4 and Xbox One copies.



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