GoPro HERO 4 case already available

The rumors of the new GoPro HERO 4 may have finally been put to bed because a reliable source has leaked images and detailed specs of the 2014 action camera, which consist of two models, Black and Silver. Not only do we get to see a promotional image for one of the cameras, but also some full-on images as well showing the front, back and side views.

Let’s get one thing out of the way first, and that is the GoPro HERO 4 case, as from what we can see from the dimensions of the new model, the current HERO 3 case will work just fine. The reason being that the HERO 4 sizes are said to be the same as the current model, and so that means the case currently available will work just fine, which will help to improve its waterproof ability.

GoPro Hero 4 case

The GoPro HERO 4 waterproof capability is said to be down to depths of up to 131 feet, whereas we know the dive housing can go down to 191 feet. There is a slim chance that GoPro could update this model, but we highly doubt it, seeing as though that is already a pretty good depth to go down to

We also suspect the GoPro Hero 4 Wrist Housing will be the very same as the one already available for the HERO3+ and HERO3 coonsidering those dimensions are said to be the same.

PetaPixel suggests that the GoPro Hero 4 release date will be October 4th, 2014, so we will have to watch this space.



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