Vauxhall recalls 2014 Adam, Corsa – Check your model

Vauxhall announced yesterday that they were to issue a recall for two of its popular models, the Adam and Corsa. The model years are for those registered before May 2014, with 3,000 being affected. What makes this more concerning is how the car manufacturer warns that people with an affected model should refrain from driving them.

Following the news that Vauxhall recalls two of its models, they responded by saying they will add a tool to its UK website, where you will be able to check your model via a button on the homepage that says, “Safety Check for ADAM and Corsa”.

Vauxhall recalls 2014 Corsa, Adam over steering issue

As of writing, this button is yet to go live, although we suspect it should happen around 9 am seeing as though it is a Saturday, as they no doubt suspect worried owners will try to call them, and so they need to make certain their customer care lines are open.

If you have checked your Vauxhall Corsa and Adam VIN and found that yours is to be recalled, then you need to call the Customer Assistance Centre on 0800 026 0034, and as expected this will not open until 9 am, and closes at 5:30 pm.

Reason for the recall – It would seem there is a possibility that part of the steering system does not meet quality control standards set by Vauxhall. Thankfully, there has not been any reports of accidents or injury, which means they caught the issue even before owners were aware of it.



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