PSN down, not working after Lizard threat

- Sep 27, 2014

Not being able to get gaming until today, and then finding the PlayStation Network down isn’t going to make you happy. This is what thousands of PS4 and PS3 owners are finding out right now, which comes after Lizard Squad told their Twitter followers gamers wouldn’t be happy this weekend.

PSN is not working in multiple locations, especially across the United States, and we’ve noticed both connection errors and PSN sign-in problems after reports about the service going down on September 27th. You can read about the Lizard Squad hint at planning to take down certain gaming services in this article, although it hasn’t been confirmed these issues are thanks to a DDoS attack.

One Product Reviews reader said, “why is PSN down? This isn’t fair, I haven’t played all week and now I try to login and find the PlayStation Network is down”. Another added, “I can’t connect to PSN in Newark, DE, and I spoke to a friend who’s having issues with connectivity in Pittsburgh, PA”.


Are you able to connect to PSN, or is it down for you today? We’ve looked at the status page and everything is online right now, so this might be a problem only just taking place. Let us know your location and how long you’ve been having issues. If there’s any certain error codes coming up, then leave these below as well.

Those of you that just got hands-on with FIFA 15 for PS4 won’t be happy if you’re unable to sign-in to PSN today. This latest outage will only upset those gamers that were already hit by FUT web app problems.

Update: The 8002A548 error code is one that’s been reported to us, so again leave any codes you’ve received and what system you’re using below.

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  • kelly

    South carolina USA down psn…80710092

  • mike

    South Florida down for ps4

  • Mike

    I most recently got the 8002A548 error message tonight, but I got error message 80710102 all night tonight, & most of last night, in Philadelphia, PA

  • pelayoc

    8002 error code for me right now LA, California can’t login to psn … PSN status: online 0_o

  • CT

    Ps4 Myrtle beach, sc. Keep trying to connect to psn just keeps saying cannot connect withen limit. Code nw-31456-9. My internet is fine and I have a 50 mb connection. I’ve restarted router/ps4 several times. Been like this the past couple hours I know of. Just trying to get on and play some FIFA with friends

  • King Chino Xvi

    I live in Alamogordo, N.M and I’ve been down since yesterday. How much longer till its up and running?

  • rohn haul

    Error code 80710092 :Michigan was playing Absolutely Fine last night now i keep getting this error i tryed to change the DNS but that ain’t working either

    • kelly

      Same issue here

  • Frans J Smit

    Down in South Africa. Error code 80710092 on PS3. Was working fine not even 24 hours ago

  • Paul Pfaffenbichler

    Everything fine in Rockland Massachusetts ….

  • You are flat out wrong

    No issues for me since the first time the lizard losers crawled out of the gutter.

    Keep waiting for games, Xfriends. 🙂

  • Boi1da87

    Add me. Boi1da0607 for madden 15

  • bobbydigital 410

    Baltimore ,Md btw

  • bobbydigital 410

    Played 2 hour long sessions today (each at different times of the day) of battlefield 4 for ps4 … and no problems what’s so ever….. hope it blows over soon for you fellow gamers add me if you can

  • Daniel Ortiz

    I’ve been on and off playing all day without problems. I’m in Miami, FL.

  • Ryan

    What a piece of junk. Microsoft doesn’t have this problem Bahahaha. Enjoy your 1080p indie games solo!

    • Jordan Zimmer

      F*** Microsoft

      • Ryan

        Funny that you dont have these problems with Microsoft. This seems pretty common with the PlayStation network dating back to PS3.

        • Keith

          Why would Hackers target Microsoft….no one owns one yet.

        • Ryan

          Only people who own sony are those that live in their moms basement

      • Ryan

        Thats all you can write Zimmerman? Wow and you have 4 likes Bahahaha. All people that live under their moms roofs or loosers living in her basement

    • rogue

      PSN is under attack by Microsoft fan (boys). Boys exactly it is obvious lizard squad is composed of immature children.

      • LizardSquadAreTerrorists

        No, they are criminals, not immature. It is commercial sabotage and the failure of the Federal Authorities to bring them to justice is a dereliction of duty. They even called in bomb threats and the FBI/CIA have done nothing. Pathetic. The sooner the Republicans are back in the White House, the better. Who cares about ISIL? These terrorists are causing far more disruption and danger to US citizens. I will not be buying CoD this year – or any other “big” online games until these clowns are warming beds in Gitmo. Which means less income for Activsions and other US comanies which means less tax revenue. Come on Obama, start acting in the interests of the US and US citizens…for once.

      • Ryan

        True indeed but these immature boys take down a crappy service. They are doing everyone a favor

    • Keith

      Ryan….don’t you find yourself playing every game solo? It’s like you’re trying to promote MySpace.

      • ryan

        Playing PlayStation is similar to living life without a girlfriend. U always end up playing with yourself

      • Ryan

        Playing solo keith? Microsoft’s network isnt the one always down. Also Microsoft has a bigger fan base for live service then PlayStation network between one and 360!

  • Bryan

    Unable to log in to PSN for past couple days. Keep getting the message that connection has timed out. This is especially frustrating as I’m not even trying to play a game. Just want to watch Netflix. My connection is fine for all other devices but my PS3. I live in Maine.

    • Joe Vicious

      So you live in a state that has shoddy internet to begin with and you though buying a ps4 and using psn was a good idea?

  • shaun

    JUST got in rn, england – uk.

  • David McCray

    Still out in northeast NC 🙁 finally buy an online game and cant play it……

  • teagan

    Nvm its back

  • shaun

    down in befordshire, england, uk.

  • teagan

    Still down in cambridge

  • Boi1da87

    Still down in Florida

  • Jonny

    back on in NY

  • E Rigby

    Just logged in as well.

  • Worse president ever.

    I’m on. Thank you, Obama.

  • Izzy

    Went Down in baja mex

  • LiL$HiN3R

    its back up san antonio texas

  • Geonotts

    Down in Ga too. At least Netflix works. Just get to the error press OK and Netflix starts 🙂

  • sigh

    down in iowa

  • Blame Bush!!!!

    PSN, you have just forced me to do work around the house. How dare you make me do things that I don’t want to do. I blame George W. Bush for this one, you know Obama would.

    • LizardSquadAreTerrorists

      Bush would have taken these Lizard Squad nobodies out. They are costs the US millions everytime they sabotage a game. It means millions lost in tax revenue as people cannot even transact and buy new games. And newsflash, most of the big software companies are US entities that pay taxes in the US. These terrorists are only doing what they are doing because they know there will be no consequences. These guys are just another mess that the next Republican President will have to sort out come November 2016. And fix them they will as they are hurting US interests.

  • deizznuts

    Down in south Florida

  • baisistudent

    psn network down since 2:45pm in Rochester, NY

  • jam2069

    Yes it sucks ass

  • jam2069

    Same code here

  • Jeff

    Down in Las Vegas

  • jam2069

    I want to play gta5 come on PlayStation network fix it!!!!!!!!!!

  • Poopdidoop

    Down in Milwaukee

  • jokes13

    Desert Hot Springs, cali. Im gettin error code 8002a548 since 11am

  • Angel L Montalvo-Perez

    Down in newhaven Connecticut

  • Romell Mccaine

    Queens new york, psn: xXCouRaGeXx.
    Its down over here to

  • jam2069

    Down in cocoa fla.

  • ithrowrice

    Same error in san Diego , California

  • Missmanda

    Down in California same code as every1 else

  • Mddx141

    Supposedly a server is down and all accounts on that server cannot log on at all….

  • Jonny

    Down. 8002A548 in Poughkeepsie, NY

  • mthrope

    Same code, same problem in Englewood,Co

  • Terri Betz

    Down in southern Oregon

  • Inochi_PM

    Its down here in FLorence, KY

  • angel23gs

    Down in new albany indiana. This sucks ass

    • jam2069

      You are right it sucks ass

      • angel23gs

        I need them to FIX IT

  • Frozen_Fear

    Down in some parts of Greenwood South Carolina

  • Austin Bazke

    8002A548 Toronto Canada PS3*****

  • haybox101

    Newfoundland, Canada. Were hit here too.

  • Austin Bazke

    8002A54 Toronto Canada PS3

  • jason

    Down in Wichita ks. I was able to create a new account and can play ghosts online. But still bought destiny today and halfway through the download I get kicked out of the psn.

  • Lt. Dangle

    I own Michael Lott from Success, MS on COD Black Ops 2. I should have to pay taxes on him. B/c I own him. Haha

  • heatherk

    Down hamilton Ont
    error code 8002A548

  • pipe

    Down in orlando florida

  • Jer

    Down in Moncton NB Canada. My buddy’s who lives down the street works. And piggy is right, if you use a secondary account it works. Could be the case for everyone? That’s why it works for domes and not others?

  • ethan

    Down in emporia Kansas error code 8002A548

  • LiL$HiN3R

    Error code 8002A548 San Antonio,Texas

  • Staboner

    Down north of the Bay Area (707)

  • ted

    Down in Toronto Canada
    Error code 8002A548

  • asdfasdf

    friends in Wisconsin are unaffected

  • E Rigby

    Down in Central New Jersey, error code 8002A548.

  • crap shoot

    Same Error Code in Denver CO.

  • Narutokensan

    Down in South Carolina, error code 8002A548

  • ThatGuyOverThere

    No service in SouthEastern Connecticut

  • teenyhayate

    Down in Oaklyn, New Jersey. Getting 8002A548 on my ps3

  • Lt. Dangle

    It’s currently down on your mom….. PSN you suck.

  • poopie

    down in Angleton, Texas, same error code as everyone else, but have a friend that lives in a town not even 15 minutes away, yet their online is working. tf.

  • Corey Jalette

    Down in Rhode Island.

  • Wargreymon92

    Down in El Paso Texas psn error code (8002A548)

  • ppaul

    Down in Oakland, CA (ps3)

  • T.M.

    Down In Roanoke, VA. PSN error 8002A548. Since 2:15pm EST .These lizards need to have their appendages and tounges cut off.

  • PuggyWudggy

    Down in Houston Texas as well same error code same issues, but i can sign in if I’m not using my primary account.

  • Ian brandt

    Down in geneva!!

  • stupid

    my son can get on but I can’t. getting code 8002A548

  • smoov_blakk

    Down in dallas texas….smh.

  • Hi-V Gundam 89

    Down in North Charleston, SC

  • Mathew K

    Down in Los Angeles, ca

  • TJ

    Down in Colorado
    Same error code

  • thiago

    Down in London, UK

  • kylar

    WV’s fine

  • Uncle hinky

    Down in ohio

  • Red

    Down here in Mexico City, too. Same error code.

  • J

    Down in Montreal area.

  • ButternutTaco

    Down in Toronto, Canada too – same error code: 8002A548

  • TyCooper8

    Down for me in Canada. Might be a NA thing. Same error code.

  • ButterTaco

    Yea, down over here in Montreal.8002A548