PS Plus October 2014 best Vita, PS4 free game for list

By Daniel Chubb - Sep 27, 2014

The PlayStation Plus October 2014 free games list is almost upon us with the full reveal tipped for October 1st, although this don’t seem to be stopping subscribers from demanding certain games on a daily basis leading up to the announcement. During the predictions and gamer wish lists, we’ve seen a couple of titles named by hundreds of people.

Best Vita and PS4 PS Plus October 2014 free games – our readers and hundreds of Twitter users have named certain titles many times. Two that we’ve seen repeated a lot are Killzone: Mercenary for Vita that released just over a year ago, and also Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag for PS4 that’s coming up to a year old.

One Product Reviews reader had this to say, “With a new Assassin’s Creed game about to release, it makes sense for the PS Plus October 2014 free PS4 games lineup to include Black Flag. The game is about to be replaced and I know this title will make a lot of PS4 owners happy”. Another added, “If Killzone joins the October PS Plus list of Vita free games, then this will be amazing. In fact, it would be the best month yet for PS Plus”.


In regards to the Vita free games for PS Plus in October, we keep seeing bloggers mention Terraria as a possibility, which is crazy considering it has already been a free game and they won’t be repeating it. Just thought we’d mention that to keep our readers informed on realistic games making the next list.

Would you love to see Killzone: Mercenary on Vita and Black Flag on PS4 within your PS Plus October 2014 free games list?

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  • Dylan Dayholos

    Really hope AC black flag is coming on plus…
    But what I would like most is GTA V on PS3!! Because it’s releasing on the PS4 soon!
    As for Mercenaries, i just purchased it not too long ago and it’s really good!

  • Fred

    The developers wont ever sign off with that the game to new and they making to much money on people buying it. if a new new AC comes out then maybe u get blackflag

    • Josh

      Bioshock Infinite was released on PS+ for free less than a year after it’s initial release. Sony has been very good at getting recent games for their service.

      • Mk333

        This, until indie devs interested to launch their games on ps plus for more exposure.

  • Fred

    Killzone: Mercenary maybe blackflag not a chance

  • Woody

    Why is indie a bad thing. Ps all stars is fun and velocity is awesome. Some of the best games out recently have been indies. I suppose when knack comes to ps plus people will be happy they’ve had a triple a game get a grip

    • Donald

      Knack is an Indie game too – cleverly disguised as a Sony AAA game; but it’s really an Indie game (no BS).

      You’re right about some of the best titles being indie games, and on PS4 I don’t mind – as it’s a new console – but indie PS+ games on PS3 / Vita all the time is pretty crappy – there’s so many games they can offer!

      • sampson3121

        hmm? Developed by SCE Japan Studio
        Publishers: Soney Computer Entertainment
        Directer: Mark Cerny
        That’s as far away as you can get from being an Indie game…sorry!

        • Mk333

          Yeah. It seems traditional games are being labeled as indie now. I wonder if those ppl call all major NES and SNES games as indie too,

  • TheReal_Yoda

    I just joined PS plus.. Only game I had the pleasure of playing was PlayStation All-Stars. As long as next month doesn’t have any dumb games I’ll be happy with my decision.

    • SK3TCH78

      Lol I’ve been with PS+ since 2011, and I most definitely agree with you. We have gotten craps for the past couple of months. I hope that something good is on the horizon.

      • Mk333

        I am ready to resub at japan ps plus if the games offered are sucks. Japan got lollipop chainsaw, f1 race stars and jrpg the legend of heroes. For ps4 they got escape plan, so i predict NA may get that game too in oct.

  • benjamin

    as long as it isn’t that octopus game..unghh

    • aros

      That’s my biggest want.

      • Mk333

        If sony is streamlining all their ps4 offer then maybe we will get escape plan as it is being offered on japanese ps plus now. Or maybe flower, as it is being offered on asian ps plus now. For me those two are my top prediction.

  • Colin McGregor

    Won’t happen. We are getting 2 or 3 indies.