Lionel Messi joins Gareth Bale in best FIFA 15 UT

The Real Madrid player, Gareth Bale has been considered to be one of the best FIFA 15 UT players, although you cannot forget about Lionel Messi, as the FC Barcelona Forward is also recommended very highly in a new video looking at the best team in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team.

This is the second FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Squad Builder video from the YouTube favorite, and is the squad that he has been playing with. He knows gamers will not have a team like this because they have not had the game long enough, but asks that you send in your squad to share so he can play and review them.

Lionel Messi joins Gareth Bale in best FIFA 15 UT

While his team is pretty awesome, and would cost a lot to put together, it is more of an homage to the great Lionel Messi, who he considers a god. You will see that he is playing up front with Gareth Bale, which does seem like a dream combination. After playing a game with Bale and Robben up front, he wanted to see what it would be like to replace Robben with Messi.

You will see in the video footage that it is a winning combination, although it does seem as though Messi has been given more attention. It would not have been so much of a good pairing in FIFA 14, but seeing as though FIFA 15 is more about pace and dribbling over strength, it makes perfect sense. The video runs for just over 9 minutes, so please watch it below and let us know what you think.



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