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iOS 8 missing camera roll issue petitioned

Apple must’ve realized that those who upgraded to iOS 8 was never going to let it go about the missing camera roll. Ok, we know that it is not classed as missing because it has been replaced with what is said to be better, but tell that to the thousands of unhappy users.

However, it would seem those unhappy people are not interested that the iOS 8 missing camera roll issue has been petitioned, as they are not signing up to try and get the feature back.

iOS 8 missing camera roll petition

There are two petitions to get the camera roll back, and while the people who started them up say they want their camera roll back of iOS 8, it doesn’t seem to have gained much in the way of support.

These people are under the illusion that if they can get enough signatures, then they could get Apple to fix the issue and bring back the camera roll in the next iOS 8 update.

The first petition has a goal of 10,000 signatures, but has managed just 22. The second petition must have realized that they were not going to make any difference, and so have since taken it down.

Does it bother you that Apple got rid of the camera roll within the Photos app, or are you happy with the new system that breaks them down into categories?



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