Elio Motors canceled appearance reprises production fears

Earlier this month Elio Motors canceled an appearance at Dallas Texas State Fair, which left people bemused as to the last minute decision. We have since heard from many concerned fans that those Elio Motors car scam fears still may have some truth to it.

Elio maintains that things are still on track, and production of its three-wheel car will begin next year thanks to great support from the public. They already have the former GM manufacturing facility to build the cars, although last we heard they were still short on funds to actually start production.

Elio Motors canceled appearance

Having said that, Elio Motors, Inc., did say they are working closely with manufacturing partner, Comau, in a bid to sell leftover manufacturing equipment it does not need in the hope of generating more money to help start production of its three-wheeler sooner.

Some people have actually said that while they wish it is not a scam, those who put money down on a vehicle that has yet to go into production was just asking for trouble. We did find it funny what one Product-reviews reader said, “I may wind up having a very expensive T- shirt in my closet.” However, he did say that even though it was a risk putting money down, the thought of owning the vehicle makes him happy.

We still reserve judgement, but will say that getting a game changer off the ground is not easy and takes investment, and if people are willing to bet $1,000 on it in order to get $1,500, then good luck to them.

These scam fears came up last month and generated a huge amount of interest, so much so that we received a huge amount of comments, so have a read through them.



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