Duracell iPhone 6 Power Case needed for wireless charging

The Duracell Wireless Cases have proved very popular among iPhone users, so much so that the Duracell iPhone 6 Power Case is needed to give the handset wireless charging capabilities, although nothing like you get from Nexus devices.

iPhone 6 with wireless charging – Giving your handset the ability for such a feature will be a very welcome step, and the fact you get to protect your phone if you accidently drop it, although not from a great height.

Duracell iPhone 6 Power Case needed for wireless charging

Some people would have already started to look for cases to protect their iPhone 6 from bending, but this has been blown out of proportion, seeing as though there have only been 9 reported cases of them bending out of the more than 10 million sold, although that sales figure will be far more now.

We have already seen from many battery case makers that they intend to release new models for the iPhone 6, but we have yet to hear from Duracell. There is no mention of it on their website, or even Facebook page, which we find very strange.

Surely Duracell has plans to release a new Wireless Power case for the iPhone 6, if not they are missing out on a huge new market, one they cannot afford to miss.



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