Toughest iPhone 6 Otterbox case in drop test

It’s a known fact that the iPhone 6, along with its predecessors were never that tough, and so could easily scratch or dent in the corners when dropped from even a short height, which is why people go for cases. The new phone is thinner, and so more than likely even more fragile, which is why people have already started to look for the toughest iPhone 6 case.

We have come across a video of an iPhone 6 drop test, but don’t despair, as it is with one of the iPhone 6 Otterbox cases. We’re not told what OtterBox case, but it looks to me to be the Defender Series.

iPhone 6 drop test

The test starts with the guy in the video dropping the phone from pocket level, then another at 10 feet, and finally an insane 3-story drop. There will be some people out there moaning about such tests, as they say there are thousands of people out there who would love to have an iPhone but cannot afford one, yet he just risks breaking his.

Having said that, we know how tough these OtterBox cases are, and so he knew his iPhone 6 would not get damaged in the drop text, which you can see a video off below.



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