Mac mini procrastination for 2014 model soon to end

By Peter Chubb - Sep 26, 2014

There has been a great deal of procrastination when it comes to purchasing a new Mac mini, this is because so many people are unwilling to buy hardware that is two years out of date. We would have assumed that Apple would have updated the model last year, but that never happened, and now it leaves this year.

We have heard rumors that the 2014 Mac mini refresh could happen next month, which is nothing new, although there are fresh claims that it could really happen next month. MacRumors say they have it on good knowledge that Apple is to release a new product next month, and not just new iPads, as that is a given.

Mac mini procrastination

Rumors of a new Mac mini are not as forthcoming as they are with other Apple products, so when we hear something so close to another Apple event, it does make you wonder. There had been rumors of the iWatch for months, and earlier this month the Apple Watch was revealed, even if we have to wait for its public release.

MacRumors has learned from a reliable source that a Mac mini 2014 update could be released in conjunction with the release of OX X Yosemite, which will be very welcome news to those who have been putting off buying one.

However, what is not shared is what new hardware we can expect, although Apple should not try to reduce its size (like in the image above) and instead work on giving it a decent hardware bump, as well as making it easy to upgrade.

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  • Sexy rendering… If they manage to keep it to less than 15mm thick it’d sell like hot cakes