iOS 8.02 update full release notes

By Daniel Chubb - Sep 26, 2014

The iOS 8.02 update full release notes have arrived now the new system software is here to fix what went wrong in 8.01. Exactly what changed can be seen within the full changelog below, and most noticeable is the first line explaining the iOS 8.02 update fixes iOS 8.01 after problems with cellular networks and Touch ID.

It was the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus that suffered most with Touch ID not working after the 8.01 download. Today, the iOS 8.02 update and its release notes are for both iPad and iPhone. There’s a difference in install sizes with an iPad mini download at 64.1MB, and the iPhone 6 Plus install size at 72.2MB.

We just tested the download on both an iPad mini and new iPhone 6 Plus. Both of our installs were fast and without any problems, although we’ve only been hands-on for around an hour, so if we do notice any issues with battery drain or Wi-Fi then we’ll be sure to publish an update to Product Reviews readers.


Many of the original changes within iOS 8.01 stick with the iOS 8.02 update, as we explained before, but to see exactly what’s included take a look at the full list above. We’ve taken a look at both release notes and only notice one change, which is the fix to problems with the first install.

Have you installed the iOS 8.02 update today on iPad or iPhone? Let us know if you have any problems, or if you are waiting to see how other installs go before updating.

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  • Lisa

    Just updated my 4s to ios8.02. The ring tones I purchased and which are assigned to people, do not work and it drains my battery very fast. Any suggestions?

  • Ed

    I’ve updated my newly purchased (10-6-2014) 6+ with 8.0.2 and I’m having a wifi connectivity issue as well as slow data stream from my router. Resetting network setting, turning wifi on/off or rebooting the iphone temporarily fixes the issues and back to the slow wifi data stream.

    • Ed

      I also restored my ios several times and still the same issue.

  • Jules

    Is this update for iphone 6 or for all other iPhones? The fixes for this update seems to be advantage for iPhone 6!? I have iPhone 5 and I just updated iOS 8 not long ago and now it’s asking to update again. Please clarify. Thank you.

  • Sean

    Suffering from crashes on safari when searching using SwiftKey

  • Mary Sproul Kendjelic

    Last Sunday I downloaded iOS8.0 to my 4S and it totally locked my phone, I could receive some calls not all calls, I could not place calls or txt, iTunes could not recognize my phone, after 2 chat sessions and 2 phone calls to Apple they sent me a new phone (4S). The new phone has iOS6 I am really hesitant to update my settings to the iOS8.02

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