FIFA 15 Ultimate Team EA servers may go down today

- Sep 26, 2014

This weekend will be the first gamers get to play FIFA 15 Ultimate Team after it released in both UK, and the United States this week. There’s now a strong chance that EA servers and FIFA 15 Ultimate Team going down either today, or not working over the weekend thanks to hints from Lizard Squad on Twitter.

We featured an interview video yesterday with Lizard Squad, the group that took down PSN and Xbox Live, although since the video we’ve seen a few tweets hinting at a big game outage this weekend. Considering the weekend starts today, Friday, then it could be at any moment or over Saturday and Sunday when most gamers are online.

During the interview, Lizard Squad said their plans included targeting big game launches. The biggest this week would no doubt be FIFA 15 Ultimate Team and of course, this includes EA, Sony, and Microsoft servers.


The said tweets can be seen below that basically hint at another attack. The tweet mentions there could be “a lot of mad gamers this weekend”. Lizard Squad has proven already it normally lives up to its threats, so this could be taking EA servers down from today thanks to the release of FIFA 15, or it could be targeting Xbox Live and PSN over the weekend with a DDoS attack.

Either way, we’d be very surprised if the “upset gamers” tweet didn’t involve FIFA 15 servers, PSN, or Xbox Live this weekend. How will you feel if you can’t play FIFA 15 online most of this weekend? Remember to take a look at both the PSN and Xbox Live status pages, which will reveal if any problems this weekend are to do with their servers or 3rd parties.

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  • Ethan

    I’ve got ultimate team edition ant I haven’t had the packs thay give us 😔

  • so confused

    i um….don’t get it :/ why the hell would they be attacking games i….i just…. i don’t comprehended what do they get outta of it?

    • filizant

      Maybe because they have no life and are sad lonely virgins who are bored…

  • Upset1234

    down now it is

  • bobbyd

    I played fifa all weekend and ive never had my xbox live go down unless there was an update or my internet slowed down a bit so when did they hack xbox live? Cus its almost impossible to do, especially for a group of basement dwelling lizard fingering virgins who ive never heard of but anyway. Been on all weekend playing ProClubs and Manager mode

  • Supevict

    It’s up

    • Supevict


  • blah

    by games I mean matches

  • blah

    I won two games on xbox 360 didn’t get any coins or point is anyone else having that problem

    • adam23_23

      I am

    • Kierow

      Yeah I did and that cause me not able to play the tournament or season ever again.

  • Bozorozo

    Free update on iPad but freezes on homepage. Servers clearly still fd
    I’d be soooo pissed off if I’d paid for it

  • KrackKing

    This alone shows that you could buy and sell coins and not really get banned unless you over do it EA Sports still suck really

  • Goonerman

    You’d think that EA would predict the amount of users when a game comes out and set the servers up accordingly. It’s not like we paid ridiculous amounts for the game and now can’t play properly……..oh wait ?!?!

  • James

    My transfer market is down I try to search up a player and it just comes up with there is nothing on the transfer market ea is a jokeeeee

    • Carl

      they have closed the transfer market for xbox one and xbox 360 till they fix the stupid EA servers

  • Cameron

    I can’t connect to origin ea servers on my xbox one. So I can’t go on ultimate team. What’s happened, my xbox live is working

  • Brad

    I am so glad i didnt pay $100 to be told the servers are down when I can get told it for free on the app

    • bobbyd

      You pay way too much for games xD

  • Loh Jaydon

    The server is down…..on my iPad

    • Brad


  • Mad

    Down… android app


    Xbox One and PS4 fifa 14 and 15 Servers are both down what going on costs so much for a game you can’t play X(

  • Greatunclejay

    I brought a CB only to have my coins taken and no sign of the player I brought. .. not good.

  • Adp

    I got IF Ronaldo and can’t use him or even sell him ea wank

    • I hate ADP

      You prick you don’t deserve Ronaldo

  • Christian Dingley

    Omg why cant they do all this before it out what a joke i just wanna make my team

  • Thanoo

    Is it only me or someone else got same problem, when i win a game or lose a game on online season, it will not register it?

  • Hani

    Servers down

  • ipot_04

    PSN is also having some issues right now, I guess that might also be connected to these attacks.


    FIFA servers down

  • Leeall

    FIFA servers down

  • maharaja of bogajee

    Confirmed fifa servers are down….. I think it’s all a rouse. Lizard Squad is infact the EA Dev team buying some time to fix an unfinished game. Some “unscheduled maintenance”

  • GTR-King

    what a joke can’t use Fifa catalogue or any online mode until servers are fix. So it’s just career mode until they fix it

  • Enraged gamer? Nah f@p time

    Fifa 15 UT servers have in fact gone down

  • Jay Dallascowboyalltheway Brow

    madden 15 not working!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • fifa 15 lover

    fifa 15 is a really nice game but if this server down issue is to continue no one would want to play it anymore

  • Simo7

    Who the @@@@ are lizard squad? Go get yourlives you feckin retards!

  • sid

    True – servers down as of now

  • Breko

    In fact the ultimate team is no working