FIFA 15 PS4 lagging problems, fix desired

It seems the FIFA 15 launch comes with lagging on PS4, according to those playing today with claims of the game not working how it should be. The issues have been shared across Twitter thanks to hundreds of tweets, and also directly to Product Reviews.

One user directed a message to EA, “My PS4 FIFA 15 is lagging and really unplayable, I’m not happy it’s not working on the day it came out in the UK”. Another added, “My FIFA 15 PS4 game was lagging, but I found a fix by turning off UPNP. Everything works now and this is easy to do through menus and games”.

There’s way too many tweets to feature on this page, but we included a few from the last hour talking about FIFA 15 on PS4 and really bad lag. It’s unclear exactly what the problem is, but there’s a few fixes being offered that include going offline and this won’t be ideal for those wanting to play online.


It is also clear the FIFA 15 lagging on PS4 isn’t just in the online mode, as you’d expect, and this can be seen with two tweets below. One gamer mentions lagging within the online mode and the other claims it’s in the offline mode.

Are you experiencing lagging with your PS4 copy of FIFA 15? We expect a fix to come in the next update, or the issues might fix themselves if this is related to online server problems. While we expect Lizard Squad to start causing EA server issues this weekend after recent hints, it’s likely something else why things are not working as they should be right now.



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