Tinder Confessions on Twitter

- Sep 25, 2014

Most of us have heard about the Tinder app on Android and iPhone, but how many of you using this dating application would share your Tinder confessions on Twitter? There’s now the ability to do just that thanks to Tinder Fessions, which is powered by a simple form found on tinderfessions.com giving people the power to share their story anonymously.

This is such a great idea and a simple one at that. It’s also not the first time we’ve seen a smart idea gaining success from another extremely popular service, or product.

Tinder dating confessions

Have you been on a date thanks to the Tinder app and if so, would you really share your Tinder confessions on a service like the above?

It’s clear thousands on people would and this is seen within the 170,000 followers, although this might only be those looking at some juicy stories shared by others. Be warned some of the stories shared on the Twitter channel are designed for those over 18 years old.

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