iOS 8 Handoff explained for when not working

By Peter Chubb - Sep 25, 2014

The Handoff feature in iOS 8 is there to make like a lot easier for people who go from an iPad or even an iPhone to a Mac, as before that the two never talked to each other as well as they could have. We saw during WWDC 2014 how you could start writing an email to someone on your iPad, and when it detects you are near your Mac computer, the software would transfer to the other device.

This is meant to work well in theory, but there have been cases where iOS 8 Handoff is not working. Let’s get one thing out of the way first; this feature is only going to work with iOS 8 and Mac OS X Yosemite. A lot of people took advantage of the preview version, although you need to make certain you have a compatible device for Handoff as well.

iOS 8 Handoff not working

If you are having issues with Handoff, there is an easy way to resolve this; all you have to do is follow this easy process.

Open your Settings on your iPad or iPhone, then go to General and look for Click Handoff & Suggested Apps. Once there turn Handoff on and off again and then hit general to go back to the previous menu. Now what you have to do is go to FaceTime and then turn off iPhone Cellular Calls, and once again turn it back on.

Once you have done those steps you just have to reboot your iPad or iPhone and Handoff should work fine for you. This fix has had a mixed response, but it would seem the majority of people found it to work.

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  • I was mistaken.

    My iMac said download handoff, I clicked the link and it is a full Yosemite download!

    Apparently, and from what i can read, ONLY macs 2011 and beyond are supporting this and continuity.

    I am outraged especially as the new iMacs are expensive throwaway machines with drives, graphics cards etc… all soldered in!

    This is the way that Apple treat loyalty these days, with perfectly good and stable hardware purchased. Let’s screw them, and if they want useful features then they must buy new expensive toys from us. Yah-boo sucks!

    I am on my way to a Mackintosh next time!

    Easy build, easily upgradeable, overlocked chips, lightning fast, cheap as chips, or at least as cheap as a PC, and sod the license!

  • Turbanator

    Thanks. This helped get my handoff working.

  • Yosemite for me did not install Handoff automatically. I am having to download it as a separate utility on my Mac!

    • Rickish Stu

      Please elaborate. On my Mac, there is no checkbox on the General Preference Pane to activate Handoff. I suspect what happened with you, is the same as what I’m experiencing. Where did you find the utility to download?

  • Elahn Zetlin

    Wow, so many people experiencing this feature not working. For such a major update it’s such a shame it just doesn’t work as simply as it should. Turn on wifi, bluetooth, be close to each device… all very complicated.