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iOS 8.02 update release time

Apple quietly released iOS 8.0.1 yesterday, but it never took long for that quietness to be broken. The update was so badly broken that it forced Apple to backtrack and delete the new version of the software. This has now left people wondering, when will the iOS 8.02 update be released?

iOS 8.02 update release time – When the update was pulled we did not know if Apple was going to make a few tweaks and re-release iOS 8.0.1, but it is now confirmed that the update will be an all-new version. Apple has yet to offer a timescale as to how long it will lake them to release a new update, but we cannot see it being too long – although we do not want them to rush this one.

iOS 8.02 update release hopes

The new version was released yesterday, which brought with it some improvements, but most importantly to fix the Health app. However, once you take the steps to downgrade that version of iOS 8, you will once again not be able to use the Health app. It is on Apple’s support page where they conformed this and the other issues created yesterday will be fixed in the upcoming software update iOS 8.0.2.

We can understand that many of you will be upset by this recent fiasco, but you can take solace that Apple recognized the issue quick and took action fast.

Did you suffer from iOS 8.0.1, or did you not even bother to download it before being taken down?



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