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iOS 8.01 update problems mount

The iOS 8.01 update went live with mounting problems following only a short time available for Apple iPad and iPhone owners. It looks like Apple pulled the new system software update after thousands reported iOS 8.01 issues on Twitter, Facebook, and directly at blogs.

iOS 8.01 update problems reported to Product Reviews include not being able to unlock their iPad and iPhone, losing phone signal completely, not being able to make phone calls, and even the Touch ID fingerprint sensor stops working on iPhone 5S, 5C, and the new iPhone 6 Plus won’t unlock with your fingerprint as well.

Apple reportedly pulled the iOS 8.01 update once it saw thousands reporting problems. If you look for this software update it won’t be live anymore, although some people did download the update and are now looking for ways to downgrade from iOS 8.01 to iOS 8 on the iPad and iPhone.

As always, new updates should be fixing glitches and not creating more issues. These problems do happen with most companies on occasion, but this seems like a major bug for Apple to remove the iOS 8.01 update completely.


Most of the iOS 8.01 problems are targeted towards the iPhone 6, or slightly older models with Touch ID, although we did receive reports from some iPhone 4S/5 owners that managed to get the update.

Apple rarely comments on anything, but thanks to the iOS 8.01 update being removed they issued a comment this time. In a simple statement, Apple explained they “pulled back the iOS 8.0.1 update” and are “investigating” reported problems.

Did you update your iPhone or iPad to iOS 8.01 and if so, do you have problems and on what model? Many of those that managed to update to iOS 8.01 are taking to Twitter and warning others not to update, although that’s not possible now anyway.



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