Belkin iPhone 6 Armband Slim-Fit Plus for running

A huge part of iOS 8 is the Health app, even though you cannot use it at the moment because of an issue that required Apple to make it unavailable for now. However, once it is activated again keep fit enthusiast with an iPhone will then be able to get the most from the app.

However, you really need a new iPhone 6 or 6 Plus to benefit the most, although the size of the latter model will limit you a little. This is noticed in two new cases from Belkin, one for each handset.

Belkin iPhone 6 Armband

The Slim-Fit Plus Armband for iPhone 6 is made for running because a 6-month MapMyRun MVP membership is included in its price. Whereas the Sport-Fit Plus Armband for iPhone 6 Plus is not, as there is no mention of a membership to the number 1 running app.

Both iPhone 6 accessories are not yet available to purchase, although Belkin do say they are coming soon. The Slim-Fit armband not only allows you keep fit, but also protects your handset as well. It is said to be very comfortable to wear, and will not move no matter what form of excersie you are doing – as long as there is no water involved.

The price for the iPhone 6 Belkin Slim-Fit Plus is $34.99 and the iPhone 6 Plus version is cheaper at $29.99.



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