PlayStation Plus October 2014 preview by PS4 predictions

By Daniel Chubb - Sep 24, 2014

Normally, we expect the PlayStation Plus October 2014 preview to be announced today in the UK, but things are running a little later for the next update. In anticipation for the PS Plus October 2014 free games lineup, we thought it would be a good idea to list some of our reader PS4 predictions so far and let others join in with what they’d like to see within the upcoming current-generation lineup.

Knack desired for PS Plus October 2014 update – one of the titles we’ve heard requested a lot is Knack. If you’ve previously played this game, then it might not be ideal for you. Those of you that haven’t downloaded Knack for PS4 could really benefit from this game if it was offered for free next month.


If you haven’t seen any Knack gameplay and want to learn a little more about the PS4 game, then take a look at the first video below on this page.

Next on some wish lists is Octodad: Dadliest Catch for PS4 – this is an interesting game for those that love to explore and involves you controlling the protagonist, Octodad. You will find many challenges that you have to get through, all while trying to hide the fact that you’re really a cephalopod hiding within human clothing.


Again, this won’t be the ideal free PS Plus game for October’s update, but we’ve seen it requested for the PS4 lineup a few times. You can see 20 minutes of Octodad: Dadliest Catch PS4 gameplay below.

Finally, Lego Marvel Superheroes – it’s been almost a year since Lego Marvel Superheroes released on PS4, but this doesn’t mean everyone has purchased it. There’s millions of Lego fans that own PS4 consoles and would love to see Lego Marvel Superheroes within the PS Plus October 2014 preview.


Once again, we’ve included some Lego Marvel Super Heroes gameplay in the final video below. Take a look, then let us know if any of these three titles would be welcomed on your PS Plus subscription next month.

What PS4 games would you like to see make Sony’s PlayStation Plus October 2014 update? Do you have a game in-mind that will really make you happy if it arrived for free next month?

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  • GODabove09

    Who thinks it’s a possibility, even a remote one, that we might get BF4 as a free ps plus game this October? With the new CoD coming soon, and the new BF Hardline a while away, it might be a smart move. Introduce all those people who refused to buy it as a broken mess (assuming it’s now fixed?) to the best fps experience on ps4, generate some goodwill for Dice, and it means people won’t be playing CoD multiplayer because they are too engrossed in BF4. Any chance?

  • AVJ

    Yes,the time for free AAA titles is now. Knack only managed to sell 1M copies. I seriously doubt it will sell more after a year.

  • GODabove09

    I would like to see Planetside2 come out next month, and they can forget their free games. But if I have to care I want CoD Ghosts and Fifa 14 free. Not going to happen though, obviously. So I suppose of it’s Knack or Lego I’d rather have Lego, at least it has an element of fun. Knack looks rather stale and repetitive…like me!!! Octodad really has no place in my life and I’ll ignore it. Driveclub is the game I’ve been waiting for since I bought my ps4 on release day (still same machine, no returns, only one replacement DualShock4) as driving games are a personal favourite and Need for Speed doesn’t count.

    • Ps4 owner

      Driveclub is only gonna have around 55 cars total, if you like racing games you should check out project cars or the crew.

      • GODabove09

        Yes, Project Cars looks interesting…but how long till it’s out? Is it even direct competition to Driveclub in the foreseeable future? The Crew also looks good and I have applied to enter the beta, have you? Worth a try, though not everyone is obviously going to get in. I must admit I’m quite liking the p.c(ish) vive of the ps4. Free2play stuff like Warthunder, Warframe, D.C online, Black light, Outlast, as well as Trine 2 etc…I was in on the BF Hardline beta from the start and the Destiny beta, and I think it is a positive step for us on ps4 to get those early, free, tasters. The top of my wish list, other than MGS PP, is the F1 game we should get next year. That will be incredible…I hope.

      • carlimusprime

        The crew is dire I’ve played the beta so you can stick your suggestions up your bum

  • alex

    I don’t want knack. The game sucks

    • Indiex500

      Rather Knack than Octodad. I would really love TLOU Remastered as I played on the PS3, so do not want to pay for the upgrade..totally not gonna happen though. Am a bit over the “indies”, but one cannot complain when it’s (pretty much) free.

  • Fred

    they never get it right. they predicted this stuff for sept