GTA V features worthy of PS4, XB1 and PC upgrade

- Sep 24, 2014

Some gamers will need new Grand Theft Auto V features to purchase a PS4 or Xbox One version, although others would be happy to upgrade for the fact they didn’t get to play long enough before selling their old console.

There’s been a number of debates surrounding the PS4, Xbox One, and PC upgrade and some people are trying to understand the need to purchase GTA V again. One thing that will certainly help is new features, and one claimed leak listed a very appealing upgrade.

We’ve included below what looks like a screenshot from the Rockstar Games support pages. This page lists some interesting changes to the new GTA V version that could end up bringing new easter eggs to find, a lot more animals, and a new first person mode.


As you can see above, in this first person mode it’s being claimed you would be able to take on a totally new outlook within GTA V on PS4, PC, and Xbox One. Not only would you have a first person view while on foot, but also when driving that could really appeal to racing fans.

Imagine having dash lights, a speedometer, and more all working from within cars on GTA V. This would be impressive and something we’d certainly desire to try out on PS4 and Xbox One at least.

What GTA V features would you count as a worthy upgrade?

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  • Rickeryman

    I thought I also heard that there will be up to 30 players in one session for the new consoles?

  • Stef Man

    Will I be able to purchase and own multiple properties around the world. I could only have 1 house in the 360 game. Also, where the horses at?

  • Ian Mullen

    I’d love to have a bloody indicator button… I hate turning corners without indicating.

    So what if I’m on the wrong side of the road – I STILL NEED TO INDICATE!!