Catalyst waterproof case for iPhone 6 & Plus to release soon

By Peter Chubb - Sep 24, 2014

Some of our readers have asked if there is to be a Catalyst waterproof case for the iPhone 6 & Plus, and it would seem they will release soon. We don’t have insider information, all it took was a visit the Catalyst website, which greets you with a large image and some information about new iPhone 6 waterproof cases.

Catalyst says they are to improve on perfection, and so ask that you sign up to its mailing list to be notified when the product is to become available. There is no other information to go on, so we have no details on the Catalyst iPhone 6 and 6 Plus waterproof cases, but they are certain to look different to the current options.

Catalyst waterproof case for iPhone 6 & Plus

The reason for this is because the form factor has changed slightly, but it’s the size of each handset that has changed, and will require new tooling from Catalyst.

There are some other Phone 6 & Plus waterproof case alternatives coming, such as the much-anctipaed LifeProof Nuud, which has been teased with a video.

What has been the best waterproof case for your iPhone 5S, and would like to see this released as an iPhone 6 version?

Thanks to Catalyst.

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