Survivor All-Terrain iPhone 6 Plus case isn’t waterproof

While looking on the Griffin website this morning we came across something rather interesting about one of its cases. We know that the iPhone 6 Plus is not waterproof, so owners have been looking at cases in order to allow them to be used for extreme watersports. Sadly, some people have been getting things a little mixed up.

Some people have been purchasing the Survivor All-Terrain iPhone 6 Plus case from Griffin under the assumption it is waterproof, but it isn’t. This case is more splash proof than waterproof, and you only have to look at the description, or even the comments on the product page.

Survivor All-Terrain for iPhone 6 Plus in Pink

One of the comments goes into detail about how good the case is at dispelling water, protecting it from water splashes and rain, but we cannot understand why he would state it would not last too long submerged in water, as it would kill the iPhone.

We have read the description of this case several times now, where it says that it is rain proof and will protect your iPhone 6 Plus against dust, sand and drops, but nowhere does it claim to be waterproof.

Please be aware that Griffin’s Survivor All-Terrain iPhone 6 Plus case is not waterproof, although the LifeProof iPhone 6 Plus case is waterproof.



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