Spigen to fix iPhone 6 Plus Neo Hybrid case problems

It was only yesterday that we looked at a selection of Spigen cases for the iPhone 6 Plus, but at that time we never knew there were issues with one of the models. Several owners of the iPhone 6 Plus Neo Hybrid case has a problem with its click response of the volume and power buttons.

Buyers on Amazon have reported that they started to receive emails from Spigen in regard to these iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus case problems, explaining what they plan to do to resolve the issue.

Spigen said that they are to send two sets of stabilizer buttons free of charge, although you will need to install these onto the case yourself. However, we do have a diagram for you below explaining how this process is done.

Spigen to fix iPhone 6 and Plus Neo Hybrid case problems

The current version of the Neo Hybrid case has buttons instead of just cutouts. From the look of the image above all you have to do is stick the stabilizer buttons in place on the inside of the case where the buttons are, and then just put your phone back into the case.

We do find it strange that Spigen never knew of this issue beforehand, although they must have been under pressure to try and be one of the first third-party case makers to release cases for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.

Have you had any issues with your new iPhone 6 case?



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