New Speck MacBook Pro SmartShell SATIN cases

If you were looking to add a little color and protection to your newly purchased MacBook Pro with Retina, then the way to do this is by using a SmartShell Satin case by Speck. This also applies to your MacBook that has more than a few scratches on it, and so needs a new lease of life.

Seeing as though the latest Retina version of the MacBook Pro is 30 percent thinner than its predecessor, these SmartShell Satin cases are also thinner and lighter to help maintain its sleek design. These MacBook Pro with retina cases are made from the same material as their range of iPhone cases, so you know the quality finish is there.

Speck MacBook Pro SmartShell SATIN cases

There are some cases that make the MacBook Pro less functional, but not with the SmartShell Satin cover, as it is still very much functional, and with its rubberized feet, you know the laptop is not going anywhere.

This case fits the 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook Pro with Retina and comes in a choice of various, vibrant colors with a velvety finish on the top. To make certain that the laptop fits nicely into place it is form-fitted, and there are also slots near the vent to allow for air circulation.

You can purchase these cases direct from Speck for just $49.95.



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