New iPad Pro 13-inch cases expected

With less than a month to go until the expected iPad event, we have to wonder if third-party case makers have started to gear-up in preparation for new iPad Pro 13-inch cases? Rumors of this larger model have faded a little and so expectations are low on a larger iPad, but then again we never really thought Apple would release two phone sizes at the same time.

Ok, so we know there are the iPad mini and the normal size model, but there is a huge market for a 13-inch iPad, especially with Enterprise users. We have yet to see any iPad Pro cases hit the Internet, and so if Apple does make a shock announcement in October, either case makers have kept things very quiet, or they will be caught off guard and will have to race to release their prodcuts.

iPad Pro 13-inch cases

It was only last month when Computer World reported that Tim Cook and Jony Ive were getting ready to launch a larger iPad, which will be aimed towards the business sector, and thanks to a larger screen will be able to offer true multitasking with split-screen. Sales of tablets have fallen over the past couple of years, although budget tablets have helped prop numbers up. However, if Apple were to cater for business users, we have to wonder if this could increase growth.

With this in mind, it would be interesting to see what third-party case makers would come up with for this who would wish to use these new iPads for work purposes. Just think of an iPad Pro 13-inch keyboard case; it would make it feel more like a MacBook Air or Pro.

Do you think we will see an iPad Pro next month, and if so, will there be cases ready on day one, or will we have to wait several weeks for case makers to play catch-up?



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