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Natwest confirm app not working in iOS 8

The Natwest app has not been working in iOS 8 on iPad and iPhone since the new operating system released. Today, Natwest confirmed the iOS 8 app problems with an update when visiting their application that currently won’t let you sign-in.

We’ve included a screenshot of the official Natwest in-app statement below. This confirms “issues when using” the Natwest app on iOS 8 devices, although it’s not clear when a fix will be offered to iPad and iPhone users. Some Natwest online banking customers only use the app now and this will create problems if you’re on iOS 8, so let’s hope you remembered the password along with other login details.


As you can see within the statement above, Natwest know about the problems making payments and transferring money within their app on iOS 8. The fix is promised “very soon”, so you either have to wait for the issues to be fixed or use a computer to access online banking.

Have you had issues using the Natwest app on an iOS 8 device? Let us know exactly what problems you have, when you noticed the app not working, and of course if you’ve found any workaround for now? We’ll update Product Reviews readers when Natwest issue a fix.



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